Enkei 92 Mesh Wheels Great Condition!, Brand New Tires!, Tampa Area

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  1. Enkei model 92 wheels in great condition, all center-caps in great condition.
    Brand new 225/60/15 high performance tires (less than 100 miles, spent $400 on these).
    These wheels/tires are in the Tampa Bay area.
    Price is $500 obo picked up or you cover shipping.

    This is a great deal, its $100 for an awesome set of 4 wheels and brand new $400 tires.

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  2. whats the backspace on the wheels? and can i get a close up pic of them? i just blew 300 on some enkei 92's but they had a 4" backspace and wont fit
  3. Yes, I've been meaning to pull the wheel off and look at the backspacing which should be stamped on the back of the wheel. I'll pull one off tonight and look. What are you looking to put these on? I've mounted them on the 86 5.0L you see in the pic and also my 87 5.0L with larger mark VII calipers and they fit perfect on both.
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  5. Stud spacing is standard fox mustang:
    4 x 4.25" or 4 x 108 mm
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