Enkei Aegis 18x9.5 and 18x10

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  1. Hi all. Wow it has been a LONG TIME! Unfortunately, had to sell the Mustangs in my stable and go with a 4 door. Ended up with a 07 G35s 6MT sedan. Not as fun as the Mustangs and Cobras but it will do.

    Which leads me to this. I had a set of Enkei Aegis wheels for my last Mustang, a 2002 Mineral Grey GT. They looked awesome! I was hoping they would fit on the G but the rear tires stick out a bit too far which is why I need to sell. Thought I would hit you guys up since they would look great on your Mustang.

    Stored outside and covered for 18 months. Uncovered and cleaned up. Still have a little bit of corrosion in some spots but could be cleaned up some more. Also, small pitting in some areas but not bad. EXTREMELY RARE discontinued.

    Lightweight! 23.7 lbs and 24.3 lbs respectively without tires.

    Chrome Enkei Aegis
    18x9.5 fronts with a 45mm offset. On extreme turns, like turning into a tight parking space the inside of the tire would slightly rub. I never put on spacers but I do have a set of spacers I am including with the sale.
    18x10 rears with a 25mm offset.
    Kumho ASX 275/35's all the way around (60% left in rear, 70% left in front)

    I purchased the wheels, tires, and spacers for $3,500 and they were only mounted and driven on for 6 months. Asking $2,000

    If interested, please email me at timnwin@sbcglobal.net Located in Dublin, CA (NorCal near San Francisco). Prefer not to ship just because of cost and so you can take a look at them in person.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.