Enlighten me...and WTH is everyone?

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  1. listen jenn, my point was that if you can use a stock item with very little effort why would you mount a switch. the whole reason for these forums is for us to help each other. and i have tried to do that. yes i do have a friend that is a mech (team leader) at ford and i was sharing that info. i just keep hearing about that ebay guy and he is selling stuff quick fix plus i dont realy care for craming an oversized grill that will over time wear stress and just dosent look right. the other guy ( mr wick) i felt was at least a little more clever. as far as voiding warantee well that has some merit but, as i mentioned the wire in question is just a ground trigger wire. when i bought my car it had a ford installed alarm i didnt want it so i had them remove it. talk about splices when i removed the pass side kick. they had spliced into about 15 wires it was crap and i had them fix all of the connections. so even they do it. i felt i clearly explained the colors and locations of the wires but i guess i can take pics. this is clearly the cleanest because the switch looks and works good. if i came on to strong i guess i was just a little frustrated and for that i am sorry. :hail2:
  2. Thank you afixer. I do understand and respect your position on the switch and choice of utilization of the existing switch. By the way, you car looks awesome. I love the yellow and black..


    You were thinking something....no need to be shy.... LOL.....shoot.... (P.S. did the house close yet?)..

  3. what kind of alarm?

    Jenn after re-reading the thread what I orginnally posted was irrelevent, and you know that I am shy :D
  4. it is the one the dealer installs and tries to get you to buy. but the car comes with AAT and i didnt want it
  5. since I bought the "deluxe" mine came with none. I had the vehicle etching done, but have been thinking about asking if the dealer if they can install the AAT.
  6. the AAT is pretty cool it was part of my package but i didnt even know all of the features till i read a post. so i went over to my friends they didnt even know about it typical! so he hooked up the computer and turned it on took about 5 min. now i can roll down the windows with the remote and work the doors from the key in the door. also the interior motion detector is activated. look at your over head lights see if the two sensors ar thier the are small clear lenses on the side towards the center of the car. that may be all you need plus the computer flash.
  7. thanks jenn,
    here are a coupole of pics of the interior i had done

  8. can you do that window thing with the regular v6's, i know i read about it in the manual but it never said how. Be neat if mine could do it.
  9. basicly if one of your options was the active anti theft it may already be on just stick your key in the door turn to right and hold windows will go up turn to left and hold windows will go down. with windows up hold down the unlock on your key fob and windows will go down.
  10. another option i didnt know about was on the shaker if you hold down menu it turns on a feature that will show radio station and song info
  11. Man, it doesnt work on mine, and when you push the buttons with key in hole turned, it tries to unlock and puch your key the other way, lol
  12. BEAUTIFUL! I have always been a big fan of the yellow-and-black..... I went with Red-and-black, it just felt right for my mid-life crisis car... LOL

  13. funny thing i call mine my mid life crisis too! echo do you have the sensors on your over head. and if you have your window sticker still see if active anti theft was one of your options. if it was you can have the dealer turn it on. all he has to do is hook up to the confuser. its under module set up/ door locks/ global settings/ enable - disable just have him enable it. takes 5 min tops!
  14. Yeah i don't have aat, the only extras i got were an auto tranny and the sticker/spoiler. wish i coulda got traction control, aat and the shaker 500.
  15. Damn your ride looks simply amazing :nice:
  16. I just got the v6 to GT Grill conversion in yesterday from eBay. Everything was fairly simple to get installed... that was until I got to the part of trying to get the GT grill installed. Can anyone who has done this before tell me how they got theirs in (did it take two people)? I'm having the hardest time getting the thing put in. I finally just called it a night and put my v6 grill back in till I can figure out how to fit in the GT grill. :bang:
  17. I have not done this but I have read about every post relating to it.

    Being that the GT grill is wider and a much tighter fit I think that 2 people would make the task much easier.

    I would also leave the grill and the front of the car in the sun for awhile. Once everything heats up it will much more pliable and easier to work.