Build Thread Enola-Black Fox - Twin Turbo's Fuel pump and hanger

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Mod Dude
Apr 6, 2011
Hillsborough county
Ok so I have a multitude of packages on the way to the house... I have 2 CX racing turbos with flanges, a 2.5" exhaust tubing kit [using for coldside].. 10' of 6 and 10an oil line and associated fittings. CX racing scavenger pump and I am sure I missed some needed items in that list.

The plan is to drain the oilpan and use a weld in 10an fitting, the scavenger pump will pull the oil off the turbos and feed back into the pan. a single 6an line will come off the oil pressure sender and to the turbos where I will switch over to 4an before the turbos.

No intercooler needed on this type of setup as the charged air will be cooled by the long run of piping.

because its me... I plan on using a map sensor to monitor crankcase pressure and I will use a 15psi sensor to monitor oil pressure between the pump and the turbos.. dont want to blow any seals.

I do need to find a check valve for the oil feed line so the turbos dont fill with oil.


Mod Dude
Apr 6, 2011
Hillsborough county
So I have to decide what fuel pump and hanger I want to use, the 255 and stock lines are not going to cut it for a 393 with boost. I am tempted to do a flex fuel setup as a few places around me sell E85 at the pump.
I would like the pump to fit into the stock tank if possible and the pump and hanger needs to stay within a $300 budget [I can be flexible]


CT Material here
Mod Dude
Jul 7, 2005
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