EPA Slapped Us with a Huge Fine!

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Jan 4, 1985
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I don't know these guys from Adam but I do know this:

There is a raging wildfire all across this country that is made from litigation coming from Alphabet Agencies that are overstepping their authority. These two folks better get a good lawyer and financial support. They can expect to spend the next year at least, going through all of the motions to get their case dismissed due to lack of "Fair Notice" on the part of the EPA.

The EPA is currently trying to enforce laws they can't get to pass to become law. Since they failed and suck at life, they are now resorting to "shotgun litigation" in order to see what sticks and to set precedent.

Everybody reading this needs to pause their damned youtube video and go find out who their representative is and get them looking into the outright [crimes] that these agencies are engaged in.

The EPA will bury any business that doesn't have the financial means to challenge them in court. It is a blatant weaponization of tax dollars against Americans who pay taxes and a direct result of H.R. 3281 never getting to the floor.