equal length headers, yea/nay?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by GTPhreak, Dec 14, 2003.


Should I get the equals?

  1. Yeah pick em up with the offroad h

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  2. Everyone says they are a hastle but I haven't tried them so I say no

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  1. Well I am getting an offroad h-pipe, and have a chance at some equal length shorties. can get a good deal on both. should i grab the headers?
  2. If you think they are a good deal then get them. I've owned equal lengths and plug changes took a lot longer then unequals (had them too). I've burnt the #3 wire a few times also.
  3. I have noticed a bunch of people only mention they will only add a few hp and not be worth it...but as similar with most things, they just look at peak power increase, what is the area under the curve across the board?
  4. Not enough to feel it.
  5. do you already have unequal length headers.
  6. no the exhaust is completely stock right now
  7. the unequal length headers are going to much easier to install than the equal length. And you will only pick up a few HP with equal length. If you are really looking for HP and don't care about the difficulty of the install then go with some longtubes. They sound great and will give you a good amount of HP. You will have to get a different H or X pipe to fit the longtubes though. And longtubes are alot more money.
  8. I wish I would have gone with the longtubes and prochamber.