equal length or unequal length?

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  1. looking at headers, long tube is out of the question. i have a auto and dont wanna mess with the install.

    looking at equal length shorties, im liking the bbk ceramic coated ones.

    looking at a set of unequal length ceramic or stainless for a cheaper price

    input please and pics are nice also.

    i know the unequal are almost the same as the stock headers so would it be worth switching to?

    or just spend the extra and go with the equal length shorties

    i know sound quality will be better with the equal length over the unequal.
  2. just get shorty headers equal length are a pita..ceramic coated ford racing is what i got they fit like a glove
  3. i had mac equal length shorties on my last 5.0 and the only problem i had was mac dont use a solid header flange for the primarys, i had to use my 4ft pry bar to install each primary. wasnt too bad but thats why i was looking at the bbk equal length cause of the 1pc primary flange.

    but i am somewhat liking the unequal shorties. ive read before about there wasnt much difference when installing unequal length over stock headers, they have said to use equal length or a long tube to have any gains
  4. For the advantage your going to see in a short tube, I would go the unequal route. The equal lengths usually rub on the subframe, and plug wires are a PITA to keep out of harms way.
  5. I read a comparison once that stated the best aftermarket shorty header was only good for about 10 hp over stock. If I remember correctly, those were equal length. And, I've heard from many members on here that the equal lengths are a huge pita, and they do rub.

    In my opinion, changing headers for 10 hp is a lot of work for not a lot of reward. If you are dead set on headers, why not just go with long tubes and reap the rewards of what headers are supposed to do- Make horsepower & torque. I don't know, I've been using hooker long tubes since the 80's and they do make a big difference. worth the hassle, IMO.:shrug:
  6. Equal length shorties are one of those things that should have never been invented. They just are not worth the hassle for what little gains they may give you over unequal length shorties. IMO, for shorties the best you can get are Ford Racing, although BBK and Bassani also make very nice shorties.
  7. i kinda wanted to stay away from long tubes....ive heard horror stories when installing long tubes with a aod

    whats the quality difference ceramic coated or stainless?

    anyone have any luck with the obx longtubes off ebay? they look pretty reasonable priced. wonder what x pipe would fit them.........(possible looking at long tubes)
  8. +1000000000000000000000000000000000

    I've had a set of BBK equal length headers in my car for several years now, and they are nothing but a headache. They contact the steering shaft and the K member on the passenger side, and YES I've tried several different things with the motor mounts, nothing works. They are also hellacious to remove and reinstall, and they make getting to the spark plugs much more difficult than it should be.

    I'll never buy a set of equal length headers again.

    If I weren't thinking about doing a turbo eventually, I'd seriously consider longtubes, but I can understand your concerns with the AOD.
  9. I've had a few different sets of headers.
    Use equal length bassani's.
    They will fit perfect and installations is just as easy as shorties.
  10. There are all sorts of horror stories with every type of vehicle on the planet when going aftermarket. Put long tubes in it.
  11. Running Bassani ceramic coated equals right now. Never had any issues with rubbing or plug wires.

  12. Got BBK equal shorties right now. After doing a spark plug change, I ordered plain ceramic coated unequal shorties.

    There's so much piping in the engine bay when you use the equals, I'm sure they increase the temps by a lot under the hood. Spark plug wires are a b___ to keep from burning up.
  13. Unequal is the easier route and youll make about the same power.

    The Pypes 304L shortiesare nice and work well, the UPR shorties also get high marks for the price with no fitment issues. I sell both through my shop....

    The only equal lengths Ive not had to modify other piping with on full emissions cars are the Bassani...
  14. Have a set of FMS Stainless unequals for sale in the Classifieds right now. 1 piece flanges, nice n straight.

    Yes, long tubes on an AOD can be troublesome. And although I've never had equals, I've heard too many horror stories.
  15. i think im leaning more towards the unequals. reason being, my car im just using it as a cruiser so im not looking for every horse power i can get. im planning on buying another fox so ill worry about getting every H.P out of that one.

    whats the pro's and cons of stainless steel shorties?

    whats the pro's and cons of ceramic coated shorties?

    i am looking at the summit ceramic coated shorties for $230, or the pypes stainless steel shorties for $231.

    im liking the stainless steel ones because i wont have to worry about them rusting out but i have heard stories of them turning colors and i dont know if i want that to happen.

    on other hand i like the ceramic coated cause of the shinny finish but i dont know if they will dull down after the run time, and the possible of scraping the coating off during install and eventually rusting.

    does anyone have pics of stainless steel headers and how long they been on and who has ceramic ones and how long have they been on?

    i dont mean to be a pest here, im making this car look nice for showing