Engine Equal Or Un-equal?

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  1. i picked up a set of bbk equal shorties....whats the difference between the 2?
    also any installation tips would be appreciated.
    oh and im looking at getting a bahma custom tune.....will i see any hp or tourque gains
    thanks you guys are always a big hel[p
  2. tid bit moar powa with the equals, but a bit tougher to get the bolts in!
  3. The equals are tuned length for more power. The general concensus is that they don't add enough performance to be worth the hassle of installation.

  4. Is there a dyno tuner in your area? Might be better than the bama. The place I go for tuning does "free" tunes after the first one you just pay for dyno time. The only thing that sucks is getting an appointment. I have one for dec 2nd.....
  5. Bama, no way on my car
  6. Obama tune
  7. Is that the tune that promises 500whp, but you actually lose 100whp? Then when questioned about the lack luster performance, blames it on the electronic device you loaded the tune with?
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  8. ya i have a place but getting it from bahma saves me 400$ but i guess you get what you pay for.....i just dont know if the gains are worth the money?
  9. Moates quarterhorse with free tuning from Dirty Dirty racing. Cost me $349
  10. Ha yes that's the one
  11. Only reason I got one was because it wouldn't run w the cam that was put in. I've done a lil more since then so I'm gonna head back n see what happens
  12. are you happy with it? what gains did you see?
  13. I think you've got me convinced this is the way to go when the time comes. I see his price has gone up to $399 though....unless you got a discount based on that price?
  14. Maybe he raised his price because i bugged him so much lol. It wouls still be well worth it at $500. @94 coupe, cant really say as I went from being n/a to turbo with a bunch of other changes as well. My afr's are spot on at idle, part throttle cruise and wot, i'd say he pretty much nailed it. Willie has a huge following over on the Corral, and is highly recomended
  15. I took a peek at the site -- pretty cool service but it doesn't sound much different from Bama (with the exception that you mention they sound better at what they do). Tell us your mods and we'll make an educated guess -- not much else you can do remotely really. Software sold separately -- Binary Editor's not cheap either and you should get the wideband. All of a sudden it's looking like an $800 proposition. Local tuner here wants $700 to install wideband bung, SCT chip, and a full tune.

    imho QuarterHorse is awesome if you want to take the time to learn how to tune yourself. Not sure it makes a lot of sense if you're going to pay someone else for canned mail-order tunes. I tuned for a turbo myself, it wasn't all that bad for someone reasonably technical... and 4 years in I haven't blown the engine yet and still pass emissions so I must have done o.k.

    If that sounds at all interesting, I'm happy to help anyone out with Binary Editor / QH tuning. Oh, and for just some shorty headers, I don't think you'll benefit from a tune at all.
  16. Agreed that a tune won't do too much for just a header swap. As for the bama tunes, I'd take a look at all the problems people have with a canned bama tune and quickly throw that idea to the curb. @jozsefsz, you mention that for $700 you get a wideband bung installed, but thats not a wideband sensor and gauge, so I assume that's just them puttng in a provision to use their wideband software with their dyno. You will still want your own wideband gauge and sensor to keep an eye on things
  17. and binary editor is only $80 I believe
  18. no but i have the 70mm bbk throttle body and cold air intake, i also have 255lph fuel pump with adrustable fuel pressure regulater with a pressure gage....i was hoping that i could tune a bit more pwer or torque?
  19. You're right for sure, just the bung and they use their own shop sensor which they pull off when they're done. With your solution you get to keep the hardware.
  20. Probably not... you'll still be very much in the range that the computer can auto-adjust for with minor bolt-on mods. They might be able to eek out a few horses, but nothing you'll notice. You can probably do the same by advancing your base timing and running 89-octane.