EradiSpeed Plus rotors after you wear the pads out?

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  1. When you buy a pair of $500 rotors you hope you use them for a while. I have these rotors and have about run out of pad. I have heard many different opinions on machining them. Some say they can be cut and some say the cross drilled and slotted cannot be cut. These are also a two piece rotor. I decided to be safe and just get the rotor without the hat but I cannot find them and I'm not buying 600 dollars worth of rotors I already have, plus I don't have that money right now. So the bottom line question is: Can I turn these rotors 2 piece cross drilled slotted? Or is the rotor material hard enough that new pads will form to them and I don't have to do anything to them? Does anybody have the link to order just the rotor bands 13" EradiSpeed (Baer Brakes)? If I cannot get an answer I am going to try and turn them on the lathe at the risk of my rotors and the brake lathe at work (It'll buff out) and see what happens. Then we will have the answer. But I would rather work off some other persons experience of it than risk rotors I cannot afford to replace.

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  2. Just knock the glaze off with an emery cloth and bed in some new pads. No need to turn them if they are not grooved.
  3. Anything you do with an emery cloth is just going to be taken off with the pads. Now if you are saying the scuffed steel on the rotor will help the new pads form to the rotor i can see. Are you saying the rotor is hard enough to not wear from the pad? What is and is not an acceptable size groove to do this? Has anybody tried to cut drilled rotors?
  4. Yes, google "bedding in brakes". Emery cloth will give you a do over with the new pads.
  5. You can do it on the lathe of course that is the ideal. But if the rotor face is in good shape I just use emery cloth.
  6. So cross drilled rotors can be cut on the lathe...
    So many mixed opinions.
    Have you actually done it?
    Ive heard of people trying it and them coming out vibrating. Could be them not bedding the pads correctly or it actually does not work. I will try to cut them on the lathe at work and be sure to bed them correctly then we will know for sure if you can cut racing rotors.
  7. Just use emery cloth. ****!
  9. Pads will bed into the grooves and groove increase surface area.
  10. Will try it then
  11. Rotors don't generally need to be "turned" unless they're warped. Problem is...once they're recut, depending on how deep you need to go, they often become more prone to warpage afterwards. I'd follow Kilgore's advice and just hit them with some high speed buffing pads to take the glaze off.