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  1. In the past few months i have been granted with sweet embrace of a mustang but recently the much dreaded check engine light came on i took it to autozone to see if it might be a quick fix and i believe the error code was p1336 which is something to do with incorrect crankshaft or cam position sensor and i was told that the only real way to pinpoint the problem would be to take it to ford and have it dyno'ed which i know will cost an extremely hefty amount anyone know of a quick fix or have experienced the same problem?

  2. I dont suppose you or the previous owner recently replaced the camshaft synchronizer/sensor? The code is for camshaft out of sync with crankshaft sensor. Usually happens when one replaces the cam sensor withing synchronizing it with the crank. Does the engine run a little rough?
  3. ive got the same code going on at the moment. i'm lost as of how to fix it i've replaced so much stuff it's getting expensive.
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    from time to time it seems a lil off compared to my friends 00 v6 stang as far as i know my father replaced the crankshaft or did some operation to it and it cost him around 300$
  5. thanks for the advice turns out it was never synchonized properly the crankshaft sensor was replaced but never synchronized called ford for an estimate 256$ plus tax :jaw::eek:
  6. is it possible for an average person to sync the cam and crank sensors with basic tools?
  7. does anyone have some pics of the cam and crank sensor locations on the 2002 3.8L V6?
    Does anyone have the procedure to accomplish the sync op?
  8. Important: First thing for every cam sensor problem. Have the alternator tested for correct output and excessive AC ripple. A bad alternator diode will cause a cam releated DTC.

    It's possible for the average person to perform an cam sensor swap. However, it is vital the that correct sync tool be used.

    Note, there are different tools for the different versions of the sensor (2 wire or 3 wire).

    Check out:

    Replacing Camshaft Synchronizer & Sensor - Ford Mustang Forums
  9. Thank you my brother! No worries on the pics I found the locations. Have read up on the site you suggested and will give it a try. Also found some info on possible alternator cause.