Esslinger Head (D-Port)

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  1. I am about ready to order my Esslinger D-port head. They sent me the specs and said it had a Ranger Roller cam. for a 2,300 dollar head isnt there a better cam??? how about the Esslinger 2277 cam(?). My goal is 400 rwhp and later to make mid to high 4's with test and tune. also the block obviously will get crowler rods and weisco pistons. with a t/3-t/4 with a stage 3 60-1 compressor wheel. so i have the bullet proof block....just not gonna make my hp goal on a ranger roller. like i said im not making a wish just geting the final info on my head to decide if i want or they can offer me a cam to meet my goal or i have to go custom. they said springs dont matter they have springs for what ever i can throw at it. also it will see mostly street use...but i would love a Lumpy Cam. The turbo spools around 3-3.5k also(the crane i have now lopes good) what do you guys think???
  2. I have a hard time believing they even offer it with a Ranger Roller...are you sure about that?

    Also, 2300 sounds pretty high...I'm pretty sure it's only a 1500 dollar head without a cam.

    The 2277 is a pretty good cam...I'd go with that. Plenty of people have made 400+ with it.
  3. I had that head on my turbo stang (the one i sold). I got it without the cam though. I had a ranger cam in mine though. It worked pretty good for me. I was putting almost 350 to the ground, 342.3rwhp. But I also had some other mods besides the head.

    Id go with it though. I did infact rev higher, and it seemed to breath a helluva lot better. With a better cam though, im sure you could make more power. I cant really imput with the cam, but id suggest that head, and I payed nowhere near $2300 for it.
  4. this is the e-mail i got back from esslinger about info on there D-port head.

    The e2276 is a stock ranger roller cam, but you gain the advantages of running roller. The horsepower numbers you are going for have been attained with the alum dport head. The e2276 specs are 208 duration @.050, 384 lift, 110.5 centerline. The e2276 cam remember is a stock cam so there isn't much gained with torque from the cam, if your looking to stay stockish in your rpm range and use a roller then it's okay to use. The $2300.00 price I gave for the head is complete, ready to run. All machining, cam, valves, springs, retainers, seals, lifters, etc. are included.

    so it seems i will have him set it up for me using the 2277 cam....if i have any problems or that cam holds me back i'll get a bigger one.
  5. You may want to see what it would cost to have the final assembly and machining done locally...I'm almost positive it would be less than the ~500 they appear to be charging. The cam is about 300 if I remember right...might be closer to 380 though.
  6. so your saying it is a stock ported head???? i thought it was alum. if thats the case im not gonna pay 2300 for something i can have done for 800 with cam.
  7. No, I'm saying they come with valves and springs already as far as I know...all you are adding is the cam, followers, hla's, and the finish machine work...that can be done locally for less.
  8. well im gonna have my head ported by a machine shop. i already have big valves,keeps,springs etc.....and put the rest of the money into the rear.....
  9. Machine shops should never do porting unless they have a flow bench...make sure they do. I'd hate to see someone do a "hack job" on a 2300 dollar head.
  10. i was just gonna use my stock TC head and have it ported by a pro shop.....i will make sure to ask them if they have a flow bench...i dont plan to drop it off with anyone other than a good machine im sure it shouldnt be a problem....with some of the #'s i have seen made with a ported stock head. why spend the extra $$....i hope i can get it done for 500 or so....
  11. not likely. What i payed....

    Big valve install
    hardened seats
    3 angle valve job
    Valve guides
    =400 localy
    This was from a performance shop, i did my own home porting.

    Id' highly recomend boport ...if you dont mind shipping/waiting (isnt bad from what i hear), he does excellent work and specializes in 2.3 iron heads.
  12. Yep, if you wanna stay with an iron head, email bo [email protected] and tell him Stinger sent ya...he specializes in 2.3T heads and can make them flow as good or better than the Essy D port head...nice guy too.
  13. awesome you guys rock...i already have big valves also so i might as well just get it ported and save some extra... does he have a site by any chance???
  14. No site, he used to work at one of the premier racing/porting places in the country...he just went out on his own.
  15. awesome i will be in touch with him....the kid that had it ported it (so he said) but im sure he is in no way as good as this guy. so i will have him maybe port it some more or even touch it up. well while we are at it any one out there have a re-build kit??? with new bearing/rings and seals??? im also hunting for the cheapest place for some crowler rods and weisco pistons...(8:1) as well.....any help would be greatly appreciated.....