Look What I Found Estate Sale Loaded With Mustang Parts

Discussion in 'Other Classifieds' started by empireguns, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. I have no connection to the seller just wanted to pass it on so someone might benefit.
  2. Hmmmmmm.....
    I live here in Florida. I suppose it would be worth checking out for sure.
    Thanks again for the info.
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  4. huh?
  5. You said you needed a tag,
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  6. Ahhhhhhh.... That's not actually, a bad idea. :chin
  7. I have my moments
    Very few of them thou

  8. I've created it and enabled it for Registered Member+ for only this forum.

    I leave it to you to explain it in staff and get everyone on-board.

    If we get SPAM attempts as a result, we can change it to Official Member+.