Fox Estimate Shop Costs To Pull Oil Pan/new Oil Pump

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  1. So with the North East thawing out soon (hoepfully) I would really like to get the mustang running again. The the two biggest obstacles in the way of that are time and money. My wife is due in 3 days with our first child so time will be at a premium. I was going to have it towed to a local shop and have them get it up and running. Right now the oil pump shaft is in the bottom of the pan and I dont even know if the engine is good after the pump and shaft failed on the highway (hard nock before I cut the engine). Any ideas on what I will be looking at for cost assuming the engine is still good?
  2. Anywhere from 500-800 I would guess. It's an easy 6-8 hours and often easier with the engine out of the car. Might as well have them look at the rear main seal while they are in there. I'll guarantee it's leaking- 99.999% of them are.
  3. You don't have to pull the engine to replace the oil pan or oil pump if you are savy. My guess is that the shop is going to charge labor time based on AllData or Mitchel On Demand. Mitchel say 6.5 hrs. to remove and install engine, add 1-1.5 hrs for oil pan removal and oil pump replacement. So 8 hrs labor is about what the average shop is going to charge. The actual job can be done in about 4 hrs. if you take short cuts. The average shop is not going to discount the labor just because they know a shortcut. The short cut is to drop the K-member out of the way and leave the engine in the car. The downside to doing it this way is that you cannot replace the rear main seal because the trans is still hooked up to the engine.
  4. I was afraid of this. That is a lot of money for an engine that may not even be good. Ahh the joys of owning a fox body
  5. Hence my 6-8 hour quote. And as I also said, the odds are his rear main seal is leaking which will need to be addressed. Like I said, you don't have to pull the motor, but it's not that much more work and makes the job easier.
  6. I had leaking intake manifold gasket, oil pan, and rear main seal. I finally just had my buddies shop pull the engine for ALL gaskets and seals. Had the heads done, new valve guides, springs, etc. $1,800.00 I supplied most the gaskets, Ford Racing and such. Feel better knowing I had it buttoned up before winter storage.


  7. damn, for $1800 you could have rebuilt the whole motor
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  8. Few other things done, re loom wire harness, motor mounts, steering rack bushings, exhaust installed ( headers, h-pipe, cat back), trans service with new pan, trans cooler line, etc. Car runs great finally. Thanks.
  9. So yah, I cant justify the labor cost for $40 in parts and some gaskets, and I don't have the time and resources to do it myself. I went to the shop today and we talked about being realistic if I want this car running this summer and for the future. They are pricing out the cost of a rebuild and comparing it to the cost of a fresh short block. They have a set of GT40P heads fresh from the machine shop with tfs springs and 1.7s that they will throw on top. I will get back to you guys with the quote.
  10. P heads require specific headers.
  11. Yah my mac unequals def wont fit, which is good because like all macs they leak. They have frpps that will fit
  12. RIP to my block, it's cracked...
  13. sorry to hear that. My advice- swap in a used 93-96 v8 explorer motor. Swap out the cam and springs, and your mustang accessories, exhaust, distributor, new gaskets, rear main seal, tune up, etc., and you'll have for under a grand a motor that will make around 275hp. Been done a million times,
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  14. It would cost double that amount since he's paying somebody to do all the labor. :eek:

    Good luck to the OP and Congrats on the :baby: that will cost you more than your Mustang!! lol
  15. how so? He's got a cracked block man. That engine is coming out regardless, unless he's got a 5 gallon container of JB
  16. I'm thinking $300-$400 for an OK deal on an Explorer long block, maybe a little more. Then the price to pay a shop to pull out his old engine, swap cam from old motor to gt-40 motor, $150 for TFS springs, install engine, and tune it up will cost upward of $2k. I'm assuming minimum $1k in labor alone. Shop rates (for mechanic) are typically +/- $70 p/hr. It would be half that if it was DIY in my opinion. I'm only guessing though, i've never paid anyone to do the above work.
  17. I thought the 5.0 went back in the explorer in 95-96.