Estimated 1/4 time and HP with this

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  1. Talk to Mike about that one...he'll give you proof...driver and traction...ever heard of a guy by the name of Killer Canary...of course you haven't...haven't been on here long enough..he runs very low 12's in a sn95 vert...but remember verts can't do that :rlaugh: ...he has around 300rwhp...can't remember if it is more or less...

    You get you a nice notch...with 300rwhp...gear, traction, driver...and your nipping into the 11's...I don't remember saying everybody can get that in any car with 300rwhp...

    Willy's just because you couldn't do it doesn't mean it can't happen... :nice:
  2. Which one is it gonna be,,,,,300HP=11's,,or 12's,your not sounding very consistent to me. :rlaugh:
  3. Come on now Willy's...there is a difference between a Sn95 vert and a Fox notch...I say start reading around on here and seeing what the difference is between them...Obviously post count doesn't mean anything :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    I guess I'm not the "only" one that thinks and knows its possible...

    The above is another one for good measure...but knowing will probably say it has to have exactly 300rwhp...not 301 or 299...oh and just so you know there is a difference between 300hp and 300rwhp...go search on the threads and it will be explained throughly...

    Look familiar????
  4. 87---93 notch,,I guess if its totally stripped down (wieght wise),anythings possible,like below 3000 lbs..But at regular wieght,,no way :nonono:
  5. You just can't accept that anybody is a better driver than you...

    A direct quote from a past post by Mike himself (your buddy)...

    "You know i really thought you were ok at first...but now i think your an idiot.
    I never morphed anything. Obviously i meant 300 and 3200 would get you into the 11.90s. Yes there is a big difference between 330 and 300. But i showed you a video of a guy going 11.09 at 330 and 3000. Thats almost a full second faster than i said. Just to prove a point.Inever meant 11 flat.

    And as far as a car going 11.90 at 300 rwhp and 3200 it is totally reachable and if you dont think so then you are just ignorant...There are plenty of people that do it.....some people have less than 300 rwhp and do it.

    So why dont you just save face and shut up. The topic has been dropped and you brought it back up and sounded like an idiot doing so.

    Do you serioulsy think that a car cannot go 11.90 at 3200 with 300rwhp? :lol: "
  6. OK,,last one,Mike Keirstead ( since you always bring him up ) went low 12's with his EFI,he wieghs less then 3200lbs.,and makes well over 300hp. You show me one person that runs 11's with 300hp,and wieghs in at 3200lbs.Better yet,PM him and ask em,,ga head,I dare ya!!!
  7. Are you not reading the posted threads I'm giveing you... :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    GO READ...THERE ALL RIGHT THERE....LOOK ABOVE...3 DIFFERENT THREADS...READ BEFORE YOU aren't to prepared when it comes to this are you?...

    Read the threads...there is more than one person running high 11's than you obviously know :nonono:

    You got yourself in deep on this one...when you don't read previous post or thread you lose substance and therefore look unintelligent...

    Oh by the way Mike is well into the 11's by now...come on know you haven't caught up have you... :spot:
  8. LOL,,you are one stupid son of a [email protected]@h!! yeah,,hes in the 11's with a carb,,,I said 12's with EFI,,now who's the moron who cant read .post's :rlaugh: For someone that doesnt like me,you sure do talk to me alot! Im going to bed,we can argue tomorrow :nonono: P.S. stop sending me pm's,,I dont read them anyway.
  9. You said carb in your last like he did it from the beginning... :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:...come on now don't show inconsistency...thats not a good character trait...

    IT'S SIMPLE READ THE POSTS...did I say I didn't like you???? :rlaugh:

  10. I thought maybe you were rite,I gave it a chance,but NOPE,,you see want you wanna see,and thats it :notnice: go back and read your posts, then ask Mikee about the 11's thing,good night farm boy :rlaugh:
  11. You gave it a chance... :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Okay anybody that reads this "nonsense" can just read this page of pointless post and see that you didn't give it a chance...remember your little phrase "NO WAY"....

    I'm going to go let the cows out now... :nice:

    Remember everybody...Lil' Wil is brider5.0 in disguise...and that we can't have the fastest car like he does... :owned:

    I thought you were going to need to...probably thought to much... :rlaugh:

    It hurts to be proven wrong doesn't it...go bench race some more and play some computer games and computer dynos or something... :shrug:

    :lock: this can't change hard headedness and a midlife is a bad combo ....
  12. Good morning red neck!! Or should I say,mooooOOOOOO :rlaugh:
  13. I apoligize....I would have been here sooner but I just got done unloading the for the pigs :rlaugh:

    Alls inbody has got to do is read the threads in #63 and #66 that I posted... :nice:

    I would like everybody to search for "brider5.0"...I'm pretty confident its Lil' Wil in disguise... :shrug:


    How did those 410's go...nothing like getting a worse time and worse gas mileage :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Did you get your air filter installed by that shop yet?...You still haven't answered... :banana:

    :lock: this can't change hardheadedness and a mid-life crisis...its a bad combo...

  14. Lets assume your car weighs 3500 for sake of argument.

    If you drive agressive and your car hooks I would say it would go 12.50s with that much power at the pavement. Again very agressive driving and hard launches are a MUST. Traction is the most important factor. If you can't plant that thing to the ground I wouldn't even show up at the track.

  15. Have you been under a rock? The 300 rwhp/3200 lbs thing has been pounded on enough. I argued with someone for 3 days a few months ago about it. There is no point in arguing anymore. That kind of power with EXCELLANT traction and EXCELLANT driver is more than enough to propel a car to the 11s. My motor is making DECENT POWER. If I am lucky it is making 300-310 at the pavement. It weighs 3050.

    I know many people that consistently run in the 11s with moderate power levels. Traction, gearing, driving are all crucial in getting a car to ET quick.

    As far as showing you someone that runs in the 11s with that power/weight combo....I wish I had a picture of ME for YOU.

    Sorry buddy.

  16. Do you mean a FLAT TAPPET camshaft and lifters?
  17. O.K...I see this thread is still BS but I will shine my input on this...First off I see that Wilys1 decided to be a bigger man and call it quits, however, 5spd GT still doesn't feel like droping the flame fest...makes me wonder what the point of such STUPID arguing will net YOU 5spdGT! I am a REALIST therefore I AM NOT optimistic like some of you guys that "claim" 300rwhp will get you 11's...FIRST OFF: 11's with 300rwhp with 3200 race weight is definately possible with BIG gears...but you can have 300rwhp with 2.73 and never break out of mid 13's...TRACTION is also a factor here guys...AND let compare a "street" combo in regards to suspension to a "drag" suspension...BIG DIFFERENCE right? SO how exactly is the argument 300rwhp with 3200 race weight and netting 11's VALID? I see ALL you guys are doing is comparing a drag combo to a street combo...NOT fair at all...All I know is that I have a combo that is good for 300RWHP...the car will weigh 3500 with me in (convertible) and I'm not expecting anything more than mid 12's out of it WITH TRACTION!...BTW: I have 3.73...I'm sure with gears as steep as 4.30 or 4.56 I can break into 11's with TRACTION but with streetable gears I JUST DON'T SEE IT! Sure driver and traction are everything...however, so is a street set up VS drag setup to make this argument valid...
  18. Well for one I would hope he would drop it...he's 37....what are you buddies with good ole' Willy' must be because he has more post... :shrug:

    But in all seriousness...about the 300rwhp...TRACTION means just that...TRACTION...whether you get it by slicks, suspension, or both...TRACTION is TRACTION... :shrug:

    I to am a Realist...and when you've seen it believe it is "REAL"...check those threads I posted a few posts back (Page 3)...

  19. Well's just stupid reading through all this BS...I won't even comment on your first sentance futher than you act like a f**ken leach...just lay off the topic already...NOBODY like an "internet warrior" :rolleyes: The links you provided would not open...said page could not be displayed...HOWEVER...GEARS are just as important as traction...and you seem to be forgetting that...street suspension does not equal drag suspension... :nice: