estimated horsepower

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 87fast, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. My brother has a 87 coupe it has a speed density motor with a msd6al,accel coil mac shorty header,h pipe ,dual 40 series flow master,t5,cutom made aluminiam short throw shifter,3.73 gears,70 mm throttle body,and cone [email protected] filter. We are gonna put a comp cam 220 ,224 duration,513,533 lift,get stock heads shaved 25 thosandths,3 angle valve job,double valve springs,studs,guide plates ,roller rockers,case hardened push rods,24lb injectors,and power plus upper and lower intake. The motor is not the original his friend said he thinks it came out of like a 92 t bird.Also the battery is in the trunk cause it was supercharged with a shot of nos. Any hp estimates and advice would be appreciated
  2. you have 2 many mods and u didnt list the important ones, a short throw shifter has nothing to do with power. if you want a good estimate, put the stuff that matters the most.
  3. I know the shifter doesnt make horsepower,but what is the important stuff other than uh lets see,heads ,exhaust,ignitionsystem,fuel delivery,intake,the stock bottom end is already strong enough for atleast 400hp.By the way almost all the parts were bought and recommened by Doug Herberts performance.
  4. around 250 or 260 rwhp possably after all is done