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  1. Hello everyone, Im new to the forum and I am currently getting a 91 GT built for me. I was wondering what kind of horsepower I can expect with my setup.

    91 Mustang GT
    5.0L Explorer Engine with gt40p heads.
    650cpf Holley Carb and Weiand X-celerator Intake Manifold.
    MAC long tube headers
    MAC off road H pipe
    Flowmaster Exhaust
    Aluminum Radiator with dual electric fans
    HEI Distributor
    Subframe Connectors

    I think these are the only mods Im having the mechanic make for me now. Probably will upgrade camshaft and gears later.

    Thanks and i look forward to participating in the forum.
  2. 235-240 if the tune is decent. Those exploder cams are :poo:.
  3. Do not put that motor in your car with the truck cam, at least put a stock mustang cam in it. Put upgraded valves springs on the motor also. If you do at least a stock cam you should be above 250 at the wheels. Mine had 262rwhp and 285rwtq with that combo and a stock 88 cam. 13 second territory
  4. Ok thanks. Ill ask the guy making it if he changed the cam out.

    So Mr Rusty you think the headers, exhaust, h pipe will only add 10 HP? Isnt the engine 225 stock?

    Thanks again.
  5. 225 at the crank,we are talking about the wheel. nobody measure crank hp anymore. it matters what is at the wheel. stock is prob 180-190 at the wheels. the explorer heads flow better than the mustang heads but the explorer cam sucks. that's why we are telling you to change the cam. i should have put a different cam and springs on my old car,prob could have pulled another 10-15 hp out of that motor.
  6. Ok thanks, I mentioned wanting to switch the Cam to a Trickflow Stage 1 but he said lets get it all together first then we can start modding it more.

    As for the HP i know everyone is using at the wheels now but for some reason i dont know why but i thought the 225 was at the wheels. Well then I guess 245 at the wheels isnt bad than.

    How long would it take to change the cam if the engine is still out of the car? He hast dropped it yet...will that make it easier?

    Thanks guys
  7. Yes, all easier with it out of the car. The tfs 1 will be a good cam, but like recommended, upgrade your valve springs.

  8. I think im gonna get the TFS 1 and ill get the Trick Flow Valve Spring Upgrade Kit for OE Style Cast Iron Heads..says it comes with"The Mustang 5.0L kit includes 16 each of 1.47" diameter Mustang valve springs with dampers (110 lbs. of seat pressure at 1.800" installed height), chromemoly retainers, valve seals, valve locks, spring shims, a spring height gauge, and instructions. Best of all, no machining is required! "

    How does that sound?
  9. just curious, why are you using a carb?
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  10. The car was setup for a carb when the mechanic bought it..No computer or anything so he left it that way.

    How hard is it to switch from carb to EFI if i decide to do it in the future? Is it an expensive and time consuming process?
  11. no its not that expensive, just hit the junkyards or to get the harness,computer,upper and lower intake. you will be glad you did. much better driveability. especially for a car you plan to drive on the street
  12. Good idea, if you have the money do it now.. A lot easier with the motor out of the car. Springs sound like the right ones.
  13. I don't know if I would say its not that expensive. Depends on how hacked up the carb conversion was. I am not sure what all gets changed but I would guess you would spend 750 or more..
  14. The Cam is 210 and the Spring kit is 150. $360 isnt bad. I will just have to see how much extra he is gonna charge me for the car since he wasnt planning on changing the cam and now its going to take him longer. Its one guy in his home garage doing the work and he can only work on it when he doesnt have regular hourly customers bringing him jobs. So its def gonna delay me getting the car as well. But i would rather have it done right the first time.
  15. As for the EFI, I will see how i like driving the carb and maybe next year ill do the switch. I think next spring Im going to add a stroker kit and possibly turbo as well. So maybe ill have him do all the work at once. Thanks again guys.
  16. You don't need to stroke it with a turbo, that block will only handle 500hp. So pretty much any turbo kit can make enough power on a bone stock motor to split the block. So don't waste money on a Stroker if you want to turbo it. My opinion if you want to stroke it keep it N/A. Just stroking it will not yield great results unless you put a nice set of heads on it though . So either way you will be spending 2k or more prob.
  17. could also check craigslist or for sale section here for the pieces needed to go back to efi could find on the cheap. if its what you want, you may be happy with the carb. some are and some are not. in the end its your car do what makes you happy.
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  18. 1.7 roller rockers wouldn't be bad either if you have the valve cover clearance but you might need even stiffer springs in dem heads.
  19. Ok gotcha. I'm looking to get 400hp at some point. Will a new camshaft and springs and rockers along with a turbo get me there? Is there a turbo I can get for around 2 grand or am I looking at 3k plus?
  20. you dont need a turbo to get to 400hp. plus a carb and turbo dont normally go well together spray would be a good option for a carbed setup. then your not waisting a crap load of gas for boost only when you hit the spray.