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  1. Ok so if I dont get a turbo what else besides Nitrous can I do to get to around 400 horsepower? Im not against spray and if I dont get a turbo I will get spray but would also like some natural added HP. How much HP would a 331 or 347 stroker add on this setup?
  2. If a decent job was done on the carb switch, and you live in a non emission checking state, you can have an entirely driveable and enjoyable car. After all, cars came that way for decades, and they can also be tuned, especially now wide band O2 sensors are available. It is a different technology but can work just fine. I would think long and hard about not switching back if you know carbs and do not have the EFI parts.
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  3. Yeah I'm definitely gonna give my carb a chance. Ill def look into tuning it and wide band O2 sensor. Thanks. Plus I like my chrome ford racing air cleaner. Lol
  4. Peak power will be close, emissions may never be as good, but driveability and start up should be good tuned up and you may get close on mileage.
  5. Here are some pics of the engine and car. I picked corvette atomic orange for the color. I also ordered new smoked one piece headlights, smoked fog lights and smoked tail lights. I bought a new front bumper because the one on their was a little messed up. Also got a chrome oil pan.
  6. looks good just dont plan on removing those headers and expecting them to line up ever again.
  7. MAC headers, eh? Yep you need a large pry bar, a hammer, and a whole lot of cursing to reinstall headers with separate flanges.
  8. Thanks. Not sure what u mean about removing them and not having them line up again. I am very new and still learning about the mechanics of cars. Only knowledge I have is from these forums and other Internet research so sorry if some of my questions sound dumb.

    I've done some research and also my mechanic told me this combo of Mac long tubes and Mac off road h pipe is pretty good. What u guys think?
  9. just be sure to use good exhaust manifold gaskets or they will be coming off. since they have separate flanges for each exhaust runner they are easy to install but due to the individual flanges and how metal works they will "flex" over time and prove difficult to reinstall after a few thousand miles. however they are great for what they are and many thousands of people have used them.
  10. Yeah I have shorty Mac headers. They are a SOB... Even on an engine stand. I made a tool to spread the tubes so I could get the screws in. Made it much easier. Still a pain though.
  11. What heads can i replace the gt40ps with that will get me more horsepower? Is there a better intake for my car than the aluminum weiand xcelerator that I currently have? Also what about the carb. I currently have a Holley 650. Thanks
  12. What about these heads?
    Ford Racing M-6049-X307 - Ford Racing 302/351W Turbo Swirl Aluminum Cylinder Heads
    Summit says it gains 65hp.
  13. Or one if these kits??
    Edelbrock 2091 - Edelbrock Power Package Top-End Kits
    Top End Engine Kit, Power Package, Intake, Cylinder Heads, Cam, Timing Chain, Head Bolts, Ford, 289, 302, Kit
  14. slow down man the GT40 heads are great how about you get the car first then make changes later after you have learned a thing or two.

    you seem to be willing to spend money but throwing money at a car with out an end goal (not just HP) is going to cause you to do things more then once or twice.
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  15. Thanks I appreciate it but none of what asking about would happen till at least next summer. The only thing I might have done before the car is finished is the camshaft and springs because it seems like the explorer can is no good for this car.
  16. I'm just excited about getting the car and since I don't have it and won't have it for probably 2 more months I'm just trying to learn as much as I can.
  17. Concentrate on getting the car to run right and reliable for now.
    Since you are changing the cam to a tfs with springs you probably should be in the 250-265rwhp.
    Get to know the car, learn how to drive it.
    260rwhp may not sound like much compared to new cars, but a fox with that much power may bite your head off if you don't know what your doing (even worse if you think you know what you are doing).

    260rwhp is also alot on a fox suspension and brakes, if you don't work on that next you will have a sloppy mess of a car that you need to have towed out of the bushes.

    Unless your pockets are very deep, for the moment, stay away from power adders, that goes for an SC, turbo and even nitrous.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, you need to grow with a foxbody mustang, not just one day you have 190rwhp and the next you have 400, that's a recipe for disaster.
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  18. Yup I agree. I wont be adding any more power for a while. I guess I should keep busy researching suspension and brakes then. I did buy the subframe connectors because I read how the frame can easily twist so I hope that helps with the ride. Do you have any suggestions on suspension?
    Also once i get the car im going to have to spend some time and money updating the interior becuase the seats arent going to be in the best condition and I want to upgrade the speakers and I need a good alarm system because it wont be coming with one.

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the info.
  19. sf connectors are good upper and lower control arms for the rear I also a good idea. there are tons of other upgrades just depends on what you want the car to do.
  20. Thanks, this car is going to be mostly a street driven car and once in a while ill bring it to the strip. I just want it to have enough power and handle on the street and highway as nice as possible. I know its not gonna feel the same driving over bumps or potholes as my ML350 does but I want it to be somewhat comfortable.