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  1. In case I just do a 306 rebuild and either notch the pistons or get new pistons and a custom cam and a new tune, how much do you think this will run and anything else I would need to have done at the same time? And if so what cost per each probably, and total?
  2. Going from 302 to 306 requires new pistons, no need to notch pistons, just get the ones for your cylinder head choice. As long as the camshaft LSA is reasonable (112 to 115 degrees) and the cam duration @.050 is not much more than 225 degrees, you can run all the lift your heart desires. Cost can be all over the place depending on the quality of parts used and quality of machine shop used and options in machining processes.
  3. ok sounds good
  4. If you aren't going to run boost or nitrous, you can get those Speedpro pistons cheap all over the internet. They are right around $200 for the set.

  5. what about the summit rebuild kits that has the pistons in the rebuild kit anywhere from 250 bucks to 500' something depending on what bore you are going with?
  6. Sooooo, you do need new pistons when going from a 302 to a 306?

    Recently someone told me it was only a bore size change in another thread. hmph, guess I was right in the first place ;)
  7. Yes, you have to buy new pistons to go from a 302 to a 306. It's worth it to buy new pistons just to get the added valve relief and not have to fly cut your stock pistons. I know the Speedpros have plenty of valve relief. I haven't looked at the rebuild kits from Summit. I would be too afraid they packaged them with Chinese bearings or something like that.

  8. yeah i agree on how you just don't know these days with what you purchase in some regards. So what kit if any would you recommend cause on another fourm someone suggested i check out the kits just for reference as to the size of pistons needed or the price difference in stock pistons vs forged, and ones for a 306. So not sure if they were recommending that kit or not. So what do most guys that do it the safe way do as far as going from a 302 to 306, street/non-race car?
  9. To be honest with you, I shop all over the internet for stuff, and my engine builder ends up getting better deals on engine parts anyway. I stopped shopping around after awhile. I've never bought a rebuild kit before.

  10. yeah i guess for me and not being that big big a fan of the whole race thing and therefore i feel I know a good bit about racing and building a car and stuff like that that as far as buying stuff used and stuff tht guys may have had and are selling I would have to have a buddy help me when buying stuff like that so I might not be comfortable doing so and trusting them to be totally safe and 100% in good shape as people these days try and burn you lol. then again i can understand guys like u and your builder who has been in the game for along time having people that you deal with all the time an trust so that makes things a whole lot easier. So as for me not sure which route i will take when i do decide
  11. Just depends what you want to do and your budget.

    If I can help let me know I can sell the same kit "Summit" sells I used one years ago a guy brought into my shop. It was fine for a stock rebuild, but I did have to adjust the balance a little as the pistons and rods will be a different weight.

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  12. They were partially correct the increase in bore size by .030" makes it a 306 but then you need pistons to fit the bore.

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  13. ok cool sounds good. Where are you out of?
  14. In my initial post I said this too. I guess whoever it was didnt like that I said a stroked kit was needed.