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  1. Hey Guys/Gals
    Just wanted to say hi, and see if anyone I know hanges here

    This is my First Mustang, a 2001 silver GT Automatic. Allready added a Borla touring cat back, and have it tuned by JDM, along with a K&N Filter, and a Throttle body. Have some Roush lower control arms on there way, and some subtle styling mods will be done by next week

    Some of you may know me as Dons Bolt from my lightning days, while I loved the Lightning it was time for a change. Also have a slightlly built 1977 Bronco with a fuel injeected Ford Racing 5 liter, a 5 speed, 4 inch lift, 456 gears, and 35 inch tires.

    Look foward learning more about these Mustangs, reconect with my Lightning friends, and make a bunch of new Mustang friends

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