Even Fire Timing and 302 VS 351W Firing Order

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  1. I've read a little about even and odd fire timing, and see that even fire would be smoother.

    Is one better over the other?

    Is the 302 even or odd fire?

    Is the 351W firing order "better" than the 302 order? I mean, is load distributed more evenly, exhaust waves more even, etc.

    EDIT: I just remembered this thread http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=473025&highlight=firing+order+windsor in which 302 VS 351W cams/firing order was discussed, to which I was first to answer, I must have forgotten that which I already read. So let's focus on even and odd fire.
  2. for all 90 degree V8's, all flat 8's, and all inline 8's, there is no such thing as an even or odd firing order, as they all fire after an equal number of degrees, usually 45 degrees of crank shaft rotation. they only engines that have an een or odd firing order are the buick 90 degree V6 engines where in the odd firing order pattern it fires at 135 then 105(?) as i recall. in the even firing order buick V6, buicl split the crankpins so that every cylinder fired at 120 degrees.
  3. Right, I thought it was like that. So the 302 is a 90 degree motor then? Are there any 60 degree Ford V8s?

    Thanks for the help!
  4. Seems like the Ford Flathead is a 60 degree. Could be wrong on this one.

    Brings us a good point for conversation. Has anyone seen a Ford Flathead in an early model? Will the Flathead even fit?

    Not trying to steal the thread.

  5. The Flathead Ford (1932 thru 1953) is a 90 deg V-8.
  6. Oh Historic, I cannot see any attraction at putting a flathead in a mustang lol. It seems kinda dirty, like degrading the Mustang. I'm all for flathead rods, but I think every vehicle should have at LEAST the era motor it came with. I'm a technology lover though.

    I thought the 351W was a 60 degree motor, but only based on a picture I have of the modular motor, an FE, and the 351W exterior dimensions overlayed on each other.


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