Ever feel that your Mustang is Sub-par?

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  1. I dunno guys. I have felt this way almost ever since I got it. Don't get me wrong, I love it but it's just a bunch of things. I just keep telling myself that it is normal, and it's a muscle car. Does you car do these things? Am I overly worried for nothing? Keep in mind that I am 21, and every car I've driven before this was a low hp econo 4 cyl.

    - The car vibrates slightly because of the (stock) engine (I suppose it's normal?)
    - The paint is swirled like crazy (very, very badly - yes I know, I bought it used and the previous owner screwed it up for me)
    - When driving, it SOUNDS (not feels) like the car has no bite. I mean I have a catted MAC Prochamber, and when I get on it (even half throttle) it sounds like it is just GASPING for air. No, I don't have a CAI. It doesn't sound loud or menacing or anything.
    - The steering makes loud sounds (pump is working like crazy I assume) when turned to the extreme right or left (DUH), but it seems louder then most other cars/Stangs even though it's been checked out and it's ok.

    Anyways, I'm babbling. What do you guys think? Does it sound like your car is choking for air when you get on it? Even slightly get on it? Keep in mind, this is what I am hearing from the inside and not the outside (I am driving afterall lol). Anyways, mods are Mid-pipe, K&N, removed air silencer, H&R SS Springs, Steeda CC Plates, and I think that's it. Running Mobil 1 with 23,000 miles and not driven very hard (still have stock tires).

    Thanks for the imput!

    Matt :)
  2. Yeah I get that feeling sometimes.

    Things with mine...

    I tend to lose some brake fluid thanks to a chewed rotor.

    Im pretty sure the clutch needs to be adjusted.

    It uses a little oil, but it doesnt smoke... cant smell it in the exhaust or anything. Kinda wierd.

    Probaly the most nagging is the two or three little paint issues im dealing with. Clearcoat is chipped off in two spots, and around the gas cap the paint has been eaten away due to someone spilling gas in that area all the time...:bang:

    Its little things...
  3. Buy something new for yourself and youll be fine
  4. If you feel your car is sub-par...that is what modding is for! :nice: Perhaps you need to do some restorative maintenence though, seems like your cars got some problems... Check your power steering rack fluid, infact - just drain it and replace it with new fluid. The racks in our cars take Mobil ATF fluid, not power steering fluid.

    As for sound, the prochamber is known for a mellow tone, especially catted prochamber and if you dont have a catback, it's not gonna be exceptionally "mean."
  5. New car or mod? I was thinking of going with weld-in Flows to eliminate that horrible gasping sound.
  6. yehhh...that'll be greeeeaaaat. :rolleyes:
  7. Buy a new mod... go with mac catback... cheap and sounds awesome..
  8. PS fluid has been changed recently, same with brake fluid, oil + filter, checked plugs, changed coolant, etc. It is strong.

    I want it to sound mean, but I can't have it sounding loud. I would like to run my catted Prochamber with weld-in Flows of some sort, but I don't want to be pulled over by the cops. Think that combo will sound too loud?
  9. ??? There is nothing wrong with the car, mechanically. The gasping sound is probably coming from the cats on my mid-pipe (after all, the Prochamber sounds hollow even without the cats to begin with). It's just that the mid-pipe with stock cat-back + mufflers doesn't sound mean. SOunds like it's moving air and thats about it (which is notorious for the Prochamber).
  10. It would sound good with the Prochamber and Flows. Probaly not too loud since you have cats on it.

    www.mustangexhaust.com has some clips.
  11. nope, I love my car. Everytime I race someone, I raise that bar just a little bit ;).
  12. sub par compared to what? your mustang is not a musclecar!! Its 260HP...if you want more...add more! You have a stock exhaust but your ****in about sound. Your paint wasn't taken care of but your ****in about swirls....have you tried to remedy the paint issues ie: buffing/polishing/clay bar/waxing/colored wax???? or do you just look at it and **** then go in the house? Put some elbo grease into your car and you might find a renewed pride in your ride!!!!!
  13. hehe yeah drive a non PI car with 4.10s...:(
  14. :lol: Someone piss in your wheaties today? Got a good point though. Alot of what your seeing in your car is normal. These cars aren't luxury cars so stuff will rattle and shake....especially since the car is probably driven harder than a Hyundai. These cars aren't true sports cars either so the power, while pretty good, isn't outstanding in stock form. I have the prochamber and cat-back, and while driving at lower rpms, it is "airy" sounding when in the low power band. But then again, the car doesn't get up and go in 3rd gear at 30mph either.
  15. No I like mine.....it sounds and looks really good coming down the road....it gets more compliments at any given gas station most of the time.
    My car doesnt have any problems to it....the paint is still really nice....the exhaust sounds good....I think it because I take care of my car sometimes even being accused of keeping it to clean.
    It might be down on power compared to some other cars but hey if you mod your car the sky is the limit basically so buy some more parts.
    The only real competition we had was mullets and oversized cavaliers and since they are both gone already I say the mustang is pretty damn good.
  16. does that piss you off too?
    "youre gonna take the paint right off with all that washing and waxing!"
    i hate when people say that to me
  17. I agree with you:nice:. I keep my car very clean all the time. My car looks and sounds great. I have gotten many compliments. just driving people will either stare at my car, give me a thumbs up or just roll their window down or in one psycho's case, open their door to tell me I have a beautiful car. You don't really realize what other people see though until you are driving a friends car and they are driving yours down the road. my friend wanted to hear his exhaust and we switched cars and when i saw my car in the rear view mirror and beside me, I fell in love with it all over again. I can now see what people are talking about when they say I have a nice car.
  18. The rattles and squeaks are what bother me the most... :(
  19. i need a new(er) cobra/GT...
  20. I love mine and get compliments on it all the time...looks and sound. Got to hear it the other day when I let my Dad drive it. Man, it sounds mean when you get on it!

    Yes, it does make weird noises sometimes but it's more fun to drive than anything I've ever owned, especially with the mods I've done.