Ever feel that your Mustang is Sub-par?

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  1. You know they bug the hell outta me too.. but then i remember how sweet it is to cruise with the top down and the rattles and squeeks are worth it.
  2. I have been on vacation all week and have been cruising with the top down and perfect weather for 7 days straight... Got a real nice tan going from the top down driving. Me, my wife, and the three year old while the eight year old is at school. We have been going to the zoo, hiking, fishing, morel mushroom hunting, etc all week :banana:
  3. The looks... the feel of the wind... the open road on a sunny day...

    Nothing beats a vert on a nice day. Well worth the rattles and whatnot... plus with the top down you cant hear any rattles... just you.. the road... and your exhaust... Heaven.
  4. looks like your 8 year old is missing out on all the fun lol
  5. Mushroom hunting huh...?

    So thats where you've been...

  6. OK, you talked me into it. I'm gonna run home and chop the top off my coupe!
  7. I love my 01 GT. I keep her clean (wash her once a week) and do the normal maintenance stuff. She sounds awesome, chirps second very nicely and she turns heads all the time. I had an old guy talk to me for 15 min. at a gas station once telling me how he used to work for ford and liked how my car looked. The other day this guy in an Ram 1500 passes me going the opposites direction and right before we passed each other he rolls down the window sticks his head out and gives me the nod but then he almost goes off the road because he was still looking at my car as he passed lol. Two days ago I was leavening the neighborhood going to work and this kid yelled, light um up, so I floored it for him and he was giving me the thumbs up. So she’s a fun car. You get a lot of attention driving a mustang and having a mustang that looks and sounds different then stock, gets you even more attention. Granted, mustangs are not the most comfortable cars and they make noises but its all in the fun of owning and driving our pony cars.:nice:
  8. My stang doesn't squeak or rattle but the passenger side window squeals very loudly whenever I roll it up or down. It's quite embarrassing, especially if ppl are around.
  9. Mine sounds like a boat creaking when making slow u-turns... but I think it's the sub box in he back putting pressure of the fiberboard underneath... otherwise it doesn't have many squeeks or rattles unless it's a horrible road... the Mac catback and catted (2 cats) H-pipe is loud and sounds good...sometimes I want to change it out, but then someone reminds me how good it sounds... The power steering pump is loud, but usually on startup.. I don't really care.

    I don't think it's subpar, and when I race my friend's cars (srt-4 and stock '98 Z28 6spd) I am reminded that at least performance wise, it is definently not subpar...
  10. So at 249rwhp, You don't feel "subpar" performance wise to stock LS1s after all that money on aftermarket parts???
  11. OK guys. I am very very meticulous about noises and caring for my vehicle (wash it whenever I can, usually once or twice a week). The noises that you guys have, I don't have. However, I had my mom take the car for a spin today, and I waited outside. And yes, it actually does sound very different from the outside. It sounds like every other Mustang with abit more hollow sound to it (Prochamber).

    And yes, my paint is horrible. The last owner put lots of swirl marks in it from improper washing techniques. I am going to have it polished, waxed and clay barred by a local shop that preps Ferrari's, in about a week or so. Don't get me wrong guys, I am probably more meticulous with my car then most of you. I am very picky and I guess thats why I notice more noises and peculiar sounds, even though all Mustangs apparently do this. I guess I am giving alot of you a bad picture of my car being beat up, and it isn't so. I rarely get on it (never been to a drag strip, done a burnout etc.), and I don't drive it in the winter.

    Anyways. The 40 series Flows will help to enhance the sound of the airy CATTED Prochamber. The paint will get fixed within the next two weeks, and then I guess I'll be good as new (only deeper sounding :nice: ). Like I said, all fluid is fresh and it only has 23,000 miles on it. Thanks for those who were helpful.


  12. my Mustang feels like Lexus comperes to my T/A...
    T/A is full of rattles, shakes, vibrats, shocky trans, leaks oil from intake manihold, leaks water from T-Top.
    I really don't have any wierd noise or vibration at all with Mustang. Every now and then i get some noise(my steering rack made noise. quick spray with WD40 took care of that, and my clutch pedal vibrated last summer, due to cropped out TOB, and my passenger side door made rattle, because door lock rod came off of clip). All of them i was able to fix after few sleepless night. there is slight squeek when I back up and comes to stop from my rear deck area. but its ever so slight one..
    My paint is not perfect. But i don't have any swirl mark or any thing. I have few chip on hood(which I know every single one of'em), and i have one decent size scratch on top of fender from when ratchet slipped when I was doing strut install, but I did that(and i kick my azz for it to this day)
    I fall in love with my car everytime I drive it. I've never felt like that about any other car i had('cept my departed MR2. I miss that darn car) even with little less dominating sound i get these days with side exhaust. It makes me feel good, and makes me pround that I took bone stock GT right down to paper filter, and turned it in to something I get thumb up from total stranger.

    Any car will reflect how its treated. If you wash with care, you won't have swirl in paint, and thing brake less if you maintain it. thats with any other car
  13. Thats hilarious, Mity!
  14. Not really...:( I'll get that taking care of sometime soon:mad:

    Grrrrrrr Now i feel like i must kick my azz again for it:bang:
  15. I just bought my first mustang and it pulls pretty hard, I was pleased to notice
  16. Your car doesn't look bad???
  17. Yeah, I hear that too from my girlfriend. "You spend more time washing that car then you do with me!" Whatever.

    Original poster, The paint issue like you said happened before and has nothing to do with it being a musclecar. Last I checked they used the same paint on 4 cyl cars as they do 8 cyl!!! Modding will make your car better, higher quality parts, more power, etc. Don't tell me your mustang is sup par but your econo 4 cyl was the ****! The 4 bangers have a lot less stress on the entire car. Maybe 100 ft lbs of torque has something to do with it. :D

    Black shows more anyways, mine is black and it needs washing every other time I drive it.
  18. As far as Mustang versus LS1 is concerned - you can make any car fast. But you can't make every car look & sound as good.
  19. Agreed, but everyone knows, if there is any area that our cars are subpar in compared to LS1s...It's performance. I just thought it was a bit of a strange statement that was made.
  20. don't know about the cops in your area..but I have never been pulled over in mine and I have Magnapack Catback and Dr. Gas O/R X-pipe (no cats ;) )

    Hell..most cops give me the thumbs up when they hear my car and its LOUD as crap