Ever feel that your Mustang is Sub-par?

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  1. performance wise, still not really. I mean, yeah I'd like more power, and yeah it took some cash to match a stock LS1 (which would still take me up top, I'm sure).

    I was speaking of not feeling subpar keeping in mind the engine size and power deficit Mustang GTs have to begin with...if I was stock I'd have no chance against him from the beginning..

    Now, if it *really* bothered me, I'd do something about it!

    I just am not the type to sit around feeling subpar :D
  2. Car Vibrates? You got a v8 sittin 2 feet in front of you and are driving a sports car! ****, my old v6 stang vibrated...Plus.. and i use this excuse often. Its a ford. sarcasm/ Quality is number 1

    Paints swirled? Head out and buy a porter cable random orbital buffer, some quality polish (i recommend poorboys SSR) and a wax/sealant (zaino, etc). Paint is beautiful and even better than new!

    Car sounds like its gasping for air... I've never felt this way about my car... Doesnt sound mean? Buy a catback!!! "mid pipe for power, catback for sound" is what i've always been told

    steering pump... Hmm i dunno about that one... Extreme lock to lock turning does make a funny noise on my car too.. Turn up the radio? :)

    Squeeks rattles? Buy full length sub frame connectors...

    I do understand tho, There's lots of things about my car i wish i could change... Interior is a little bland.. Its not as quick as it looks or sounds with stock HP.. (I know, I Know,mods, and i've done quite few, 4.30's ftw)
  3. my car has been sub-par since i bought it. it still is to this day. but maybe some day...
  4. Have some Mustang Pride

    Your driving a Stang dude, and never forget chicks dig stangs period. But they don't dig whining. Clean your car up and watch the ladies flow "like the salmon of Capistrano" Movie-easy one!
  5. to wake that catted PC up grab a SLP catback. None of the popping or pickup truck sound issues as with other mid pipes :) You won't get in trouble with the sound as long as you don't go over 4k RPM where it more than wakes up the nieghborhood. The weld in flows were way too quiet for my taste with the PC but it did have a nice tone.
  6. I love my car, I won't be selling her. I abused her paint bad because I was a baaad owner. But since she is paid for I can have her repainted down the line and do engine mods as well at a liesurally rate (hell she is sitting from jan 06 to may 07)

    My problem is the in stock for the 4.6 is a POS. My buddy just dropped 4k into his LS1 and is hitting 425rwhp. This includes install and tune. Yeah for the similar price I could hit 400rwhp, but he isn't going to blow up anytime soon and he could still add another 50rwhp NA...
  7. Doesnt really matter someone is always faster....get an 03-04 cobra and spend $1,000 in mods and still be over his 425 HP
  8. HOws the old saying go.. "there's no replacement for displacement."

    He started with more HP than us, so hes gonna end up with more HP in the end..

    However, what you said is my biggest problem with the 4.6, is that it just doesnt respond very well to anything but forced induction. Even with opening up the exhaust and intake we still dont get the numbers that those ls1 guys get.
  9. Oh yea and with the rattles and squeeks my car doesnt have any...and I used to own a 1990 GT and I sold it with 176 on the clock and it didnt have any noises besides the ones coming out of the exhaust pipes..car ran hard like it was brand new and the only thing that went up was the seal around the waterpump.
    At the end of the day it wasnt about selling HP for FORD it was about selling cars in a large volume and keeping the mustang alive...yes the HP was down compared to F-Body cars we all know that, but looks like the clear winner is still on top and sales were always good....I think thats what mattered the most that the phrase used over and over again "americas favorite car" or whatever they say holds true...I know they are bringing the mullet back but im not sure how it will do with its caddy front end and otherwise ugly styling compared to the mustangs new well laid out retro theme...so much it screams mustang it doesnt even say it anywhere on the car.
    Im not worried about the HP so much like I used to be I just like having the stang as a fun car that I can cruise around in and sound good...thats why I bought it in the first place to have fun on nice days and cruise...you start worrying about going fast and spending so much money its not fun to me anymore when im trying to beat every car I see on the street.
    Im trying to save cash for a house right now and ive managed to save a nice chunk that could make my GT an easy 10 second car right now but other things come in life:D

  10. Get an Ls1 then...or maybe an SRT...plenty of high HP GT cars are out there...you need to visit modularpowerhouse to see some mod motors that will have a mullet running for the hills.

  11. "Get an Ls1 then... or an SRT?" Eat me. I love my car. I'm IN love with my car. I know it has a lot of potential. And i've been to MPH and seen a lot of high HP mod motors. A mongoose kit is in the near future for me.
  12. money money money, it still doesn't change the fact that Ford stuck us with a bad starting point, the SRT-4 engine is superior in some ways. Not asking for 900rwhp on a stock bottom end, but 450 without risk of detonation would have been nice out of the bag. And whats this? Even after 10 years 300-350hp N/A is something awesome on a pump gas car?

    The mod motor loves the boost, but only after you beef it up...

    And as for the 03 cobra, I make $500 a month ATM, besides this girl is paid off and will be with me in the long haul.

  13. while their potential cant be overlooked I just get tired of some people crying about their mustangs being down on power...if they were so self conscious about that why did you even bother purchasing one?
    Im not trying to be a dick just saying...fords have always costed more to build and that stems from the 60s but other cars cant share the sound and looks of a mustang.
  14. Hey thats ok it might not be the best starting point but it was about them saving money period by adding the 4.6 engine into the car...and for emissions.
    I wish they had put a fuel injected 5.8 in a stang but that never happened so lets work with what we have...the 4.6 GT has plenty of potential on tap and the 4v motors even more...hell if you have been following articles about the 3v motor you know they are really responding well to mods.
    Money always be a big factor in making cars go fast...why not just add a nice shot of the giggle juice and be in the 11's with an otherwise stock engine...plenty of guys doing that if the money part is getting in the way.
    Either way our cars will be and are outclassed since technology is moving along and cars will continue to get faster.
  15. Most sports car owners complain about their cars power. Most of us say that whatever we drive does not have enough power, and it could use more. That's just the way it is.

    And yes, the car is not bad like I made it out to be. I am meticulous about car care so I see the small things. And no, my car does not have any rattles or squeaks.

    Lots of good advice. Thanks guys.

  16. I wasnt even crying about my stang being down on power, i simply made a comment pretty much agreeing with blackartemis, ford kinda stuck guys in the GT with a little lower starting point than most other cars.. I think they're getting it right with the 3v 300hp in the 05's and 06's tho. I'm not trying to be a dick, but dont misinterpret what i said as ****ing. I'm with you on this one. You wanted more power, you should've bought a different car. But you cant beat the mustang for price and hp and looks and the 4.6L has A LOT of potential... if you're wiling to dump the money into it :)
  17. 5.4 3v or 4v gets you in their league. swap it and join the bigger cubes crowd. escpecially 4v. 425 rwhp happens by accident with 5.4 4v.
  18. I totally agree. The mustangs have almost always been cheaper than a camaro, and also cheaper to modify. You have to be made of money to modify a GM Gen III V8, but they are more superior.

    Having said that, I think Ford hit a home run making the mustang more affordable for the general public, and hp per dollar isn't really that bad when you compare it to others. Like the 350Z, 300hp at the crank, but they cost like $30K or more brand new.

    You can buy a cheap 4.6 or 5.0, put some money into the car and spank one of those. With the exception of the chevy 350, It's always been the poor man's performance car, and I think it will continue to be in the near future.
  19. Yeah, I also want to add that I love ths tang, and I could easliy trade her in for a used T/A and have all that speed I am talking about, but I don't want to. As for money, heh I make a great salary at $500 a month (read location). When I get back I dunno if I will goto grad school or what, but with the stang being paid for I could always thrown in a forged engine in 2010 if it takes that long :p

  20. Yea but for most people swapping a 5.4 in their GT isnt cost effective versus throwing a blower or nitrous so the bigger cubes gets ruled out for most.