Ever feel that your Mustang is Sub-par?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by PULMEOVR, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. I just sometimes wish i had a five speed but i am happy with the car but wish it didnt have so many wired sounds in the rear of the car..But hey it has 113,000 miles so what can u do..

  2. You can always fix an auto right up....my friend just got 4:10s added and some other shift points messed with and its a fun car

  3. i agree with you, but when an LS car uses power adders also you are back where you started, but with wasted money.

  4. Then we could always spend even more cash to get power from the power adders already on the car...its all about the $$$$$$$$......the $$$$$$$ I dont wanna spend to get into that kind of competition.
  5. Every time i go to the track see Mustangs running 11's and 12's i feel bad with my 14.1 stocker :(

  6. I feel bad when my modded one only runs 14.1 because I suck at driving:(
  7. Asides from a door ding on my fender, nope. Love my car. :D
  8. Yes and no. My car is at the beginning stages of mods, so I know I don't compare to most people here, but when I see most other stangs on the road, I can see they are stock or just tinted and stickered, so I feel pretty good about my baby. I do worry about comparing to other cars though, because I have no idea what kind of power a camaro or gto has. I can tell you that every time I walk out of the house or a store and see my car I'm in love all over again and think I have the best car ever.