Ever get the feeling the project will never end?

Dr Jay

Jan 1, 2004
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I have been modding for 5 years and it feels like it will never end. Now the first few years were slow for mods but I'm starting to pick it up now. I just took inventory and I have some work to do before she is rolling again. This springs mods.....so far :D
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I painted the rear calipers to match the 10th anniv cobra's up front. I used the VHT caliper paint and the color match is not perfect but its quite close. I'm very happy with the front rotors from Centric. I didn't think they came painted, now I just have to paint the hats on the rear rotors and paint the new dust shields, then I think I will be ready and start putting it all together. I let the master cylinder go dry so I'm not looking forward to that part. Any advise/suggestions would be great.
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Dec 11, 2001
Olathe KS
Looks like fun. Projects like this never really end, long as you are having fun.

I've been doing small modifications to my 88 mustang since I got it just over 10 years ago. It started with a pathetic 88hp, but now makes more than 4 times that much. :p


Feb 19, 2007
Sacramento CA
Yeah I know the feeling. My current list of mods has been going on for almost 5 months now. The worst part of it is I didnt think the car would be down more then 3 months.


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Jul 22, 2006
novi, MI
dude....it never ends. i have had my car for 5 years now and every year i say i am done but then i get the itch. for this year i got a new set of heads and cams set aside...and maybe a new intake. then some HID's, and maybe a new k-member with coil over conversion. i said 350 hp was enough....then 400. now i want 500 hp. it all work and money but when i roll down woodward it makes it all worth it. :D
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