Ever have header bolts just seize? I did!

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  1. My son has a LM on his car.
    My neighbors ask me why my son doesn't have mufflers on his car. :doh:
    It's very loud. I have heard open exhausts quieter.
  2. Lol....damn kids. You just can't drill it into their heads. Loud, doesn't mean fast!!!
  3. You know... I get it. I was a kid into cars, I am a hot-rodder at heart.
    I still like loud cars.

    But, this isn't just loud, it doesn't sound good!
    For loud to = good, sound must = good.
    A great band sounds great loud. Screeching cats can be just as loud, but no one wants to hear them.
    I feel the same way about motorcycles and fart cans.
  4. I hear ya. I'm the same way. My buddy (who'd never been on a bike in his life) decided he was having a mid life crisis last year and went out and bought himself a brand new Harley Davidson Fat Bob. He never even heard the bike run with the stock pipes and had them removed in favour of a set of Vance and Hins twins.

    I get that louder exhausts on bikes save lives....but this thing sounds down right obnoxious. Pretty much like all Harleys. It burns my ass that they'll go after the guy with the aftermarket exhaust system on his car (even if it's not overly loud) for the sake of doing so, but these guys in their two wheeled weekend warriors get to run around blowing out ear drums at every stop light!

    I feel the same way about exhaust "cans" on snowmobiles. I haven't heard one yet that doesn't make me want to rip my hair out after listening to it for more than 15-minutes. :bang:
  5. Most annoying sound ever: driving on the freeway with your window down and a Harley blows by you.
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  6. Agreed. If its loud enough to drown out your radio, with your windows up, from outside the car...then it's just too damn loud!!! I'd love to see law enforcement start handing out more noise tickets to bikes.
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  7. I've never understood why anyone buys the Loudmouth exhaust systems. :shrug:
  8. I'll agree with you regarding the original Loudmouth system, but damned if the Loudmouth II doesn't sound pretty good....at least on a 4.6L.
  9. With an O/R H pipe, I agree the LM1 sounds horrible.
    I had to buy a hi flow catted H pipe ASAP when I got mine.
    It was almost undriveable with the O/R.

    With a factory mid pipe (like what SableSal has) , its pretty quiet.
    I could barely hear it the few days I borrowed his factory mid pipe for emissions testing.

    I like the sound of my setup.
    BBK shorties, Mac Hi Flow Catted H and LM1.
    But not overly so.
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  10. I agree, it's the only reason I bought it. It sounds clean with a catted system and LM1s. I'm done with running the car without cats. Especially in CA. Call it maturity I guess... ha!
  11. F'ing California!

    I'm with you,I'll be getting that Magnaflow catted mid pipe soon.
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  12. Hell, straight pipes after the cats sounds good believe it or not.
    My 87 doesn't have mufflers, but does have cats, and it sounds great.
    It is not going to stay that way, that's just how it was when I bought it, but I was surprised how good it sounded.
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  13. Yeah, the SLP I'm sure was meant to be used with all the cats... lol I haven't installed mine quite yet. I just got the headers installed. Next weekend I'll finish her up! ;)