ever pick up a fox for free?


Aug 4, 2007
Bristol, CT
I have a chance to pic up a 82 capri for free. i really just want the ponies but he said if i buy those a can take the car free. Im not really interested in the carbed cars so i dont kno what id do with it. Would it be worth while to get running and sell it or is it bound for the scrap yard? heres some pics:



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cenok is family

15 Year Member
Jun 25, 2003
Norman, Ok
id try and sell it...or parts of it like the scoop and stuff...otherwise junk it

*waits for frankenstang*
haha...as soon as i saw the words "junk" and "capri" in the same sentence, frankenstang was the first person to pop into my head.

i'm not a capri fan, but from the pics, that car really doesn't look THAT bad. i'm sure you could sell it for a couple hundred easily. like hsean said, put it on 4eyedpride


i'm familiar with penetration
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
Not free, but I once paid $500 for a '90GT It was a POS with some frame damage and rot

I stripped it out, took the black interior for my car, sold the pony wheels and sold everything else and made $2000 profit and then sent the shell to the boneyard.



Aug 4, 2007
Bristol, CT
from the pics it looks fairly solid, havent seen it up close tho. he says it has 4.10s a fairbanks(?) 4spd and edelbrock carb and intake. it supposedly ran and drove before he parked it, so im guessing a new batt, change fluids and a carb rebuild will get it moving again.


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Dec 3, 2004
New Jersey
car looks solid. why not get it running an sell it. capris keep value better then mustangs cuz there rare. i sold my 82 rs for $2800 an it was in worse shape then the lx i bought an have now for half the price


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May 16, 2002
Savoy TX
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I don't think it's that bad. I would fix it.

I've never gotten a free fox but I've got a free 96 sitting in the pasture. There's the 90's 5 lug swap.

I once bought a 93 coupe for 85$, beat to hell but the interior was immaculate, I stuck the interior (except i got the rear seat back and hatch trim pieces from an 89 lx) into a 86 hatch I bought for a few hundred, along with a motor from a 200$ car and a free T5 into it and sold if for a nice plump PROFIT!


I hate my CT. :(
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Dec 18, 2005
take the wheels and scrap it, you should get around 400 bucks total, the cats are worth 100 bucks alone


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Sep 18, 2007
I got my old winter beater '87 LX 4 cyl Hatch for free because it needed brakes. Looks like a potentially good score if it's structurally OK.


Apr 13, 2004
take what you need and sell it or pass the favor on to someone else.you got it for free,why not take what you need and instead of letting a car go to a crusher just give it to someone else.hell i'll even take it.


Aug 4, 2007
Bristol, CT
like i said i havent seen it up close yet, so i dont kno what its really like. it theres no major rot or structural damage i wouldnt junk it. i really just want the ponies. i also found out it doesnt have a title, is it going to be a pain in the a** to get one? cuz if it is ill just take the wheels and forget about it.


New Member
Jul 22, 2006
I cant see pics because im at work and my internet is blocked by websence for pics. Does this have the same interior as an 86 GT? If so I may be interested in buying some of it off you. im in MA
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