Ever see this happen before...?

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  1. In preparation for going to Syracuse on Monday, I brought my car ('88 Sedan DeVille) in to a friends shop for servicing....oil, lube, filters and fluid......

    A little voice had me ask him to check my brakes while he was at it, boy am I glad I did.....The rear brakes were nothing but scrap! Driver's side return spring had broken and the shoes had gouged the drum beyond salvage, but even worse was the passenger's side! Apparently sometime ago they had locked up completely with the shoes fused to the drum. The wheel was still turning, but the drum wasn't!:eek:
  2. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i saw worse once. one of my little brothers old girlfriends had a 92 firebird and she asked me if i could look at her brakes because they were making some noise, so i jacked the car up and pulled thr left front wheel off and was greeted with a formerly vented, now non-vented rotor. she had been driving the car for over a month with the brakes metal to metal and had worn the outside of the rotor down to the cooling fins and almost to the backside of the rotor and would have if the piston would have had enough travel, we ended up replacing both rotors, calipers bearings and hardware kits because the passenger was almost as bad, but it wasn't quite to the cooling fins yet. scary that she had been driving it that long and hadn't wrecked it yet, she was only 17 at the time so i guess she didn't know any better :shrug:
  3. damn.... that is bad worse than anything I've seen, I've seen drums lock up but then its just dragging the tire....
  4. I'm thinking about cleaning up the remains and making a clock out of it! :rlaugh:
  5. its all the power that 88 deville puts out :rlaugh:
  6. ummmm.....yeah.....with FWD too...... :shrug: