Ever wonder who we all talk to on SN

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  1. This is a pic of me trying out the camera I just got:nice:


    And this is what came in the mail the other day
  2. This is me from a party this past summer! Not much has changed!

  3. Youve just made all my fantasies come true!! Thank you :drool:
  4. what UPR at least that's what I hope your talkin about
  5. Hey everywhere else they have post your pic threads... nothing wrong with them!
  6. Joe looks like someone I know
  7. There used to be a huge thread (post your pic.) It was probably active last summer....
  8. That thing was like 100+ pages long wasnt it?
  9. yeah, I should look for it...
  10. Anybody got that goofy picture of Underpressure with his cool Gotti hair? hahahaha he's a hoot.
  11. Dang it. All my pics are at home... I'll be back tonight to show everyone how sexy I am... and if you're lucky I'll post a pic of me 2 summers, unmarried and 20 lbs ago :nice:
  12. hey i have "gotti" hair too!! difference with me is i have had that hairstyle for about 6 years now i even have pics of me with that hairstyle new years of 2000 in manhattan..those pricks didnt even go through puberty yet!! and now the prob is every1 says" y did you do your hair like the gottis?" this is what i say.........GO ****YOUSELF:D
  13. Not my best pic but its all i have........
    removed for chopping reasons
  14. jsn0066hd.jpg


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