Ever wonder who we all talk to on SN

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  1. It’s cool man, I just thought you were maybe smoking some happy grass. :D
  2. LOL
    They might not like that here in the office:shrug:
  3. . In my office ether, but I know which pics you are talking about.
  4. I only have two pictures of me with closes on. All of my pictures I don't have a shirt on, so I didn't want to be queer posting a pic like that for dudes.

    First pic just threw some clothes on.

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    Part of my family at my Aunt's lake house, I'm the talles one with the gray jacket.

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  5. :crazy:
  6. ummmm....I don't think the clothes did their job of hiding the queerness!!!

  7. Yeah yeah, I get more ass than a toilet seat.

    *my meaning of ass is putang.
  8. :eek: OBVIOUSLY chicks dig guys with mustangs because there are a lot of Hottie wives/gf's/fiances on this site

    :drool: DAYUM!!!

  9. I was almost laughing too hard to even read the second line there....:lol: :lol:

    good thing I did...lol
  10. WHOA!!!

    Wasn't she Babe of the Month in 5.0 a few months ago- seriously

  11. nope, but she might be when i get my car finished up :D
  12. just noticed, check out the guy all the way to the left rockin a mustang shirt.

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  13. and lemme guess...youve been to the mot.h.er.fu..kin mountain top.

    That was what Nate Dog says in that song with Eminem...shake that ass
  14. your burnout is my background.

    what year is your mustang? 85 or 86?

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  15. DARN YOU ROLAND! You weren't supposed to say that. I could've made many clever lines. Poop.

    Yeah, when I typed it, I read it and had to put the correct meaning of "ass"
  16. Woody was that at a burnout comp or were you getting ready to stage
  17. Burnout competition.

    I guess ill update,
    my days at "work" hahaha (im on the right)