Ever wonder who we all talk to on SN

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  1. Look in his sig, its an 85. If I remember right 86 didn't have the "raccoon eyes" meaning the headlight buckets weren't painted from the factory.
  2. stewie is the ****nit

    oh by the way how old are u? u look younger 17/18 or so
  3. You just skrewed up.
  4. ^^^ LOL!!!
  5. mine too :p , 85

    burnout comp

    not sure about all of them, but my 86s wern't

    sure is, 20

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  6. ^ ^ ^ 2 many eye's in that Pic^ ^ ^
  7. The 86's headlight buckets were black from the factory... had one for 4 or 5 years.

    My favorite car to date
  8. where did everybody go
  9. I'm not here. :nonono:
  10. I've got a newer picture thread in the Land of Make Believe with most of the pictures still there. I deleted mine from my photobucket when I made some ricers mad on another forum :rlaugh:
  11. Bad Strype... :rlaugh: ....BAD... :LOL:
  12. You stud you :)
  13. wow this thread is back from the dead
  14. LOL, memmmmorieeeeeeeesssss......
  15. It never went away!!:shrug:

    You started this? You have the longest running thread on SN!! :hail2: