Every shop says 3.73's over 4.10's

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by sixstringthing, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. Been going to a lot of local performance shops and just checkin stuff out, I've talked to a lot of the guys about gears and so far everyone has said to definately pick 3.73's over 4.10s for my 02 GT 5spd daily driver. They all said that 4.10s pull a lot harder but the 3.73's are still a HUGE improvement and very fun while still maintaining a pretty high comfort level and having the option of cruising at not-so-bad RPM's on the highway. Opposite of what everyone here says but I'm still debating.
  2. I went with 4.10s and havent looked back
  3. I should prolly give info on what I want out of the gears to get better advice:

    It's a daily driver... meaning it's my only car, so I just use it for school/store and to go out on the weekends (most of this involves highway though)
    It's NEVER raced or taken to the track, just want it to lose that sluggish feeling, my dad's 02 ESCORT pulls so much quicker from a stop than my GT (of course after that it's a total slug but that's another story) ... I just want to get that really "light" feeling out of the GT but still have a comfortable car on the highway. Fun on the streets, comfort on the highway basically since I can always downshift on the highway and have fun that way.
  4. go with 3.73's. Thats what I am going with and I am in the same situation. I was debating on 4.10 but it's just too much for me for a daily driver.
  5. I need gears bad! I want the 410's but I do so much highway driving. I pretty much leave the car in fourth on the highway now just so the power is there. I am wondering if 5th would be a little higher than 4th right now with 410's. Does anybody know what rpm range 410's are at going 80 mph?
  6. what speed do you cruise at on the highway, I hold 80 mph and it is perfectly comfortable. Only 2600 rpms at that speed. Then, while still in 5th gear I put the pedal down and she GOES.
  7. I'll say it again :D

    I drove my car in city traffic jams, around center city baltimore, on high ways; you name it i drove my car on it. I really think 4.10s are perfect. But if you are really that worried about it get the 3.73s and be done with it.

  8. i went with 3.73's on my 01 cobra, even though the internet experts all say at least 4.10's and more often 4.30's and I am VERY happy with my choice. :)
  9. 4.10s = man

    3.73s = woman
  10. Ive driven across country twice (CA to NY and back) with 4:10's and no problems. I even got 25 mpg on the trips. Get 4:10's, you wont regret it.
  11. I'm going 4.30's :D
  12. Go with 3.90's, its a happy medium

  13. 4.30 user hear and lovin it.......
  14. :rlaugh: and yet i'll still pwn joo! :D
  15. I've heard that 4.10's are the way to go if you plan on keeping your car N/A, but if you ever plan on supercharging, 3.73 would be the gears to use. Why this is, I don't know, but I've heard and read this a couple of times, so????
  16. Ditto.
  17. WTF???? 2600 RPMS AT 80??? IM DOING 3000 AT 80!!!!!! why the difference??? i just took a 60+ miles hwy trip to the track last night and i cruised at 80-85;3000-3100 rpms. i do love to have the power onhand to pass tho :banana:

    it sounds like 3.73s are the gears for you man. if you NEVER race, and only want a lil extra, then go 3.73s. as for me, i love my 4.10s even on the street. the only annoying thing is when im talking on the phone and have to shift so much. in that case i just start in 2nd, and shift stright to 5th. 5th is comfortable from 25+ mph :D
  18. 3.73's are perfect. Especially for what you want them for. I love mine because i get that extra snap but also still can cruise on the highway.
  19. The thing to keep in mind is that Stangnet is very drag-race oriented. So you need to consider that when reading opinions. IMO, for a car that will not be seeing the track and will be seeing the highway, 4.10's are too much gear. It is all about the application of the car. However, keep in mind, that I am still happily running on stock gerars ... so again consider the source of the opinion. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  20. I had 4.10s in my old gt with nitrous and loved it. don't fear the gear