Every shop says 3.73's over 4.10's

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  1. 5700 with 4:10 = 106 (T3650)
    6000 with 4:10 = 111 (T3650)

    You don't want to drop into 5th with a T3650 at the strip with a SC and 4:10's. 3:73's with a SC with give you low 12's at 116.
  2. This is all starting to make more sense. Thanks for the informed replies :nice:
  3. Wrong! :notnice: :notnice: :notnice:

    Most stock mustangs have 3.27 gears from the factory. I have no idea why Ford put these gears in our cars because they’re awful. Despite what some “experts” might tell you, gears will not decrease your top speed in a mustang; in fact, they’ll probably increase it. If you were to top out your car with 3.27 gears, you’ll notice that the power just stops when you shift to 5th gear. This is because you are not in the car’s power band to pull the car up to higher speeds. Not only will steeper gears allow you to pull quicker, but they’ll also keep you in your power band which will, in turn, enable you to pull stronger in 5th gear; something you could NOT do before. Other experts claim that you will lose gas mileage due to the higher RPMs that your car will now be traveling at on the highway. In reality, you’ll lose maybe 1 MPG at best.

    Thats from stangnet.com if you havent already read the article you should go read it here is the link http://www.stangnet.com/content/view/23//
    Anybody debating 3.73's or 4.10's go read that article that is the real truth about 4.10's.
  4. First and foremost, a STOCK Mustang wont have the power to reach top speed in fifth, but most owners looking at gear swaps will have some more power on tap. Second, 4.10s are hella steep for a daily driver -- I'd definately stick with 3.73s as a max. I plan to do 3.55s in my car unless it's easier to get a 6 speed trown in than I am guessing up 'till now. A little steeper should help performance quite a bit, but I personally like getting 30mpg in a car that runs a high 13/low 14 quarter (though not with me driving because I'm a noob and have only gotten 3 times so far). And the steeper you go, the more wear the engine sees for every mile, as well as the transmission and anything else in front of the differential. For a daily driver, my $0.02 is definately no steeper than 3.73s.

  5. Oh, and I'd love to know what redline is for top gear in a Civic (stock or with even steeper aftermarket gearing). I sitll have power to accelerate at 122 in 5th, and I don't recall but I believe 4th had about a thousand RPMs left. Steeper gears will maek you accelerate harder in any given gear but WILL decrease the top-end as far as speed at redline in top gear. It will help you get there quicker.
  6. is 2300 RPM at 70 in a late 01-up with 4.10's really true? I know 4.10's fit the powerband perfectly but it's not like you can't just downshift and put yourself in the powerband. I mean even with 3.27s right now I just cruise around in 4th on the highway and it feels like I have 4.10s.... then when I want I can just drop it into 5th and cruise along at both RPM's... best of both world kind of.
  7. See that's what I've been doing for the most part, driving on the freeway in 4th with the stock gears, and at an average of 75-80MPH I'm burning through my gas tank in like 200-220 miles...so recently I've decided to drop it in 5th on the freeway just to save on gas.
  8. sick96stang is 100% correct anybody that says differant is 100%wrong 4.10s are not to much for daily driving!!!!!! dont fear the gear!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for the article, but I was answering boomshack's question regarding a S/C setup.

    Maybe I was being a little too dramatic with the Civic comment, but I was just giving light to the fact that going with a higher (numerically) gear ultimately does NOTHING for you power-wise. 4.10's would be about the most you should go with a street N/A powered stang, but on the flipside 3.73's are nothing to overlook. I'm by no means a hardcore drag racer, yet I run consistent mid to low 13's. If I really started to get serious about drag racing I'd be in the 12's now no problem with 3.73's N/A, and all I would probably need to do is some weight reduction. I agree that the stock 3.27's are useless, but I wanted to have a balanced setup where I can still use the gears on the street and not be screaming along.
  10. Don't fear the gear huh? 13.8 with drag radials is a joke considering I ran a 13.92 with just a drop in K&N my first time out. You 4.10 guys sound like a freakin cult sometimes!
  11. You are saying the exact opposite of what the article is saying so I'll let you argue that out with stangnet.com, the article is saying the 4.10's will put less ware on your stress on your engine and tranny since it can get up to the powerband quicker and easier, so you e-mail stangnet.com and you can duke it out with them about that. I know multiple people who say they saw very little if any difference in there gas mileage with highway driving with the 4.10's. You might have power to accelerate in 5th at 122 but u will also still be able to with 4.10's and it will pull harder. 5th gear sucks in mustangs everybody knows that you want the solution to that 4.10 gears is your answer. I can switch to 5th at a lower mph with 4.10's and pull harder at the lower mph than I would with 3.73's. Boomshack you can drive around in 4th gear if you want but that actually does put more stress on your car, if you bought 4.10's there would be no need to stay in 4th because you would have the same type of acceleration in 5th that you would right now in 4th. Also if you really wanted to punch it you could just stay in 4th then switch to 5th when you are done with 4th and it will keep pulling.
  12. If I was going to stay n/a, I'd consider 4.10's., but going to put a KB on this winter, so it's 3.73's.

    Even if I wasn't putting a SC on, I might go with 3.73's. Since I drive a lot on the freeway in rush hour traffic, I don't want to be shifting anymore then I do now.
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  14. Oh, and another thing. Unless you HAVE 4.10s, or have HAD them.....you can quote theories until you're blue in the face. But fact is, nothing beats real world experience. And so far, the people praising 4.10's HAVE them.....and are offering reassuring words. The people AGAINST them, are people who don't have them, or have only HEARD things about them.

    Take that into consideration.
  15. Man this is getting heated up in here. Although there's a lot of back and forth on this the mechanics of it do make sense. I'll summarize what I gather from all this :

    1. Gears do not give power. Only the engine can do that. Gears multiply the torque that helps spin the wheels. So the higher the gearing ratio the quicker the wheels get up and go.

    2. Since higher gears get the car up faster, they sacrifice top end usabillity, hence why Ferraris and Porsches designed for speeds above 140mph keep their gearing in the low 3s so as to not run out of RPMs up high.

    3. With a supercharger application the need to get up and go faster thanks to the 4.10s is no longer necessary since torque is increased at the flywheel.

    So in a N/A car with approximately 255 lbs/ft torque (flywheel) x 4.10 = 1045.5

    but increase that torque with boost and

    355 lbs/ft torque (flywheel) x 3.27 = 1160.85

    or even

    355 lbs/ft torque (flywheel) x 3.73 = 1324.15

    So more power wins every time even with a lower gear ratio. Does that make sense, or have I missed something? And guys, let's not get too pissed here at each other, it's all discussion about our passion, cars...so let's keep it fun.
  16. That just about sums it up. The only thing I can add to it is this; cars with 4.10s still have a top speed of 180 mph with a t-3650. That is at 6000 rpm, if you have an upgraded valve train, you might take it to 6500 rpm. The main reason supercharged cars don't want 4.10s is because you spend too much time shifting. You already have the power to turn the gears, so you want to stay in each gear a little longer so you actually have some use for that boost that your centrifugal only makes in upper rpms.
  17. Cool, thanks :flag:
  18. NP, Very good post :nice:
  19. 4:10s with a KB 6psi blower here.

    More fun than I could ever imagine.

    The car just freakin ripps. :banana:

    Traction is not an issue...my right foot is the issue.
  20. Cool someone with the exact setup we're discussing. Three questions for you:

    1. Have you had any issues with your stock clutch?

    2. How is your shifting in city and highway driving?

    3. Did you have the 4.10s on before the KB 6psi kit? And if yes, has your shifting changed significantly since adding the KB?