Every shop says 3.73's over 4.10's

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    I had 4.10s in my GT for about a year before I traded it for my Mach, and I loved them, huge improvement over the stock 3.27s, it was my daily driver too. They're not as aggressive as you might think, but they still rip pretty damn hard. The pull in 4th was awesome and it's nice to not have to downshift from 5th on the highway just to pass somebody. Eventually I wish I had bought 4.30s instead, but for sure I would have been dissapointed with 3.73s. :flag:
  2. I'll do my best:

    1) no issues whatsoever...the car/clutch only has 15,000 kms on it...so not a lot of wear to begin with.

    2) shifting will depend on whether you're on it or not...but definitely a lot quicker than na with the 3:27s...oddly...with the 4:10s...she doesn't "wander" you have far better control over your speed...you can actually cruise at city limits in 4th and she won't creep up in speed and get you a ticket (like she does with the stock gears). Highway is a breeze in 5th...60 mph she's barely over 2000 rpms...no need to downshift to pass...just squeeze the pedal...and she'll take you right past 150mph right to redline if you want. Bottom line...4:10s make you feel more connected.

    3) 4:10s were on before the KB...and I thought the gears woke the car up! The car is just a plain missle with the KB. When you're on it...you've got to shift even quicker than na with the 4:10s...the boost just pulls you to speed even quicker...crusing speeds/rpms don't differ with the KB...but the acceleration sure does...so I'd say there's a need to shift quicker...and a hell of a lot more respect for the go pedal. Grip will be an issue if you slam the gas pedal (1st through 4th!!!!). But at the same time...if you shift between 2-3000 rpms...it's about the easiest car to drive. Mounds of torque low end..so she's real easy to putt around in too. But if you're on a steep uphill slope on a backroad...2800 rpms in 3rd...mash it and she searches for grip...she finds the grip...and by the time you hit the top of the hill...you'd swear you're going airborne.

    To put it in perspective...cruising on the highway Saturday with an '03 Mach1, and a '99 GT with 3:73s. From 60mph...the KB GT with 4:10s will effortlessly walk the Mach...it's not even close...and when you look at the stock GT with 3:73s in your mirror...looks like he hit the brakes.

    Had a Red GT vert (94-98 model) come flying up on me and our little trio...guessing he was around 90mph while I was doing about 70 mph in 5th (he was coming up quick)...the second he was right beside me...I went down into 4th...mashed it...a few quick seconds go by...I'm shifting into 5th at his rear bumper...and fly by hime like he was standing still...his expression assured me that his neck is still sore today. :banana:

    More fun than I ever imagined. She's only a toy not a daily driver...and don't plan on taking her down the 1/4...just a real fun toy is all.

    For a daily driver...4:10s in a heartbeat...but for a daily driver...I'd think twice about a KB...she guzzles gas now...I like to say she's "20 bucks a ride". She'll actually get good mileage with the KB if you're gentle...but hey..you try and be gentle with this thing! Everytime I've had her out with the KB...I've made a fuel stop. :rlaugh:

    There's my 2 cents (aka 3 cents Cdn)
  3. No spray on the stang I would list it in my sig if I was. All mods are listed I've only run the car 7 times. I still have stock axles and I know they won't take a lot of 4500-5000 dumps.....
  4. Thanks for the detailed reply, I really appreciate it. More light being shed on this issue :banana:
  5. Cool, maybe I will stick with my 4.10s then. I am getting really excited about the day I order my supercharger, can't wait. How long does KB currently take to ship out?
  6. I'm glad to hear this. Getting engaged and if I don't get the KB soon I doubt I'll have another chance in the near future. Had my 4:10's installed this summer and was worried I'd have to drop to 3:73s after the blower goes on.

  7. Motive gears are said to be very good. They have a 3.90 gear. I have the 3.73 FFRP's and like them. I do drive allot of highway. I use this car as a company car.

    Since the PI cars tend to breath better maybe a 3.90 would be better?

    Just do it!! Either way.
  8. Glad to help. :nice:

    If any of you are still deciding on your KB...I popped for polished and she's a freakin piece of jewelry! Matched it up with a set of polished Team Breed cam covers and a Steeda CAI.

    If you want to see pics...send me a PM with your e-mail address(couldn't post a pic if you held a gun to my head) and I'll zipp them over. I'd never seen the polished KB on a 2V until mine went on. IMO...the polished is well worth the $$$. One of the reasons I didn't go with the 9psi cooled set up was my 4:10s...so I went for polished instead. The thinking was the extra 50-60rwhp with the 9psi cooled kit would make grip a serious issue with the 4:10s...and I love the 4:10s...and the look of the engine compartment makes you say "WTF"!. I believe I've nailed the combo for a street car. :banana:

    There was a post a while back called "Project WTF" with pics (a nice due from Louisiana posted them for me)...that's what I named the car (the KB inspired the name BTW)....plate is on order - PRJKTWTF. I think she looks as good as she goes.

    My next "big" mod will be a T56 6-speed...for 3 reasons:

    1) love the thought of cruising at 90ish mph with the tach in the 2-3000 range.
    2) with this hp and 4:10s..a 6th gear will pull this sucker to over 170mph
    3) WTF!


  9. N/A.. 4.10........... S/C 3.73............I think that about settles it. I will be getting 3.73s then because I plan to blow my car, once I get it......errr ..by blow I mean super or turbo of course.
  10. I couldn't decide between 3.73 and 4.10 for weeks but I wound up going with 4.10's and I'm glad I did. I should have gone 4.30's. I think I would have been VERY disappointed with 3.73's.
  11. I have 4.10's and love them . "dont fear the gear"! Its a matter of if you can keep your foot out of the gas pedal. I cant! I love 4.10's!
  12. i have never seen threads with so much mis information about 5% of you know what your talking about and the rest of you dont know anything so ill make it real simple.

    a. you do not need drag radials with 4.10s, myself and many friends of mine have pulled low 1.9 60's with street tires, i have done this on stock tires.

    b. 3.73s will make you car slower than a 4.10 car given the same 60 foots, same overall traction and distance. reason:you are putting the power you have down more times over the same amount of distance.
    c. many s/c cars run 4.10s, mainly because centrifigal blowers dont make much low end torque, so the 4.10s compensate for that, and then you say well, you could only run low 12s as indicated by the trap speed, well that is good in theory but most people with blowers raise their redlines to 6500 because the car continues to make power that high.
    d. the difference in gas mileage is minimal maybe .4 mpg between the two.
    e. 4.10s are faster than 3.73s when going from a highway roll TO ANY SPEED, given both cars are similarly modded.
    f. putting in a 6 speed in your car with 3.73s is equal to , if not less gearing than 3.27s and a stock transmission
    ps.that is all
  13. Somebody should just delete all the other posts on this thread and just have the post this guy made because everything he said is correct. Very well said I give it :nice: :nice:
  14. I've had 3.08, 3.27 and 3.55 in my car. Also a T45 and then a T56.

    T56 first is 10% longer but 2nd and 3rd are a little shorter.
    On the freeway 6th is longer than 5th of T45, I'd need some 3.73 on my T56 to get the same final ratio of the T45 in 5th with 3.55gears.

    Overall it depends on how much power you make. I'm glad I don't have 4.10 with my setup, it would be just a waste...
  15. damn 4.10 vs 3.73 stuff again. and the top speed issue, i'd try it out but i'm limited to 120 :( i wonder if anyone has tried that theroy out? i'm actually leaning tward losing top speed with higher gearing. it just seems logical but i could be wrong.
  16. Why are you limited to 120? I havent taken off any government restrictors or anything like that on my car and I've got it up to 130 and still had room to go.
  17. this site IS very race-oriented... I mean look, people are already talking about quarter mile times and launching.... I said in my original post, my car is a daily driver.
    And im still wondering if that 2300 @ 70 with 4.10's is legit on an 02? Sounds lower than what ive heard before.
    The prob is if the 4.10's are higher than that, im not going to be able to have any fun on the highway, i'm going to have minivans passing me by. If around 80 your doing close to 3k rpm's, that's cool for passing someone but there's no way I want to cruise at 3k... so if I got 4.10's i'd have to drive @ around 65 to stay at a comfortable RPM, while soccer moms and geo metros are speeding on by me. With 3.73's I could just downshift when I want to, not like it's that much effort to move it from 5th to 4th. If it really is 2300 RPM @ 70 i MIGHT be able to live with that, otherwise I doubt it.
  18. in 98 Ford restricted ALL 16in rim cars with H rated tires for cheaper production. hence the governors.