Every shop says 3.73's over 4.10's

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by sixstringthing, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. a tremec 3650 w/ 4.10s at 70mph in 5th gear will turn 2331 rpms
  2. ahh thank you!! i had been looking all over the place for WEEKS for that RPM calculator!!
  3. Please just listen... From somebody who has 4.10s to somebody who is getting worried about them. 70 mph is perfectly comfortable at 2300 rpms in 5th gear. No NOTICABLE difference in gas mileage. I can't stress enough that the 4.10 gear is perfect for the mustang, racing or not. You will have so much more fun driving your car.
  4. If it's 2300 RPM @ 70 then you have already talked me into getting them, what I was worried about was all these people claiming upwards of 3000RPM @ 70.
  5. with a t-45(pre 2001.5) you are between 2500 and 2600. thats where most people get confused about hiway rpms at cruise and the 4.10 and 3.73 debate

  6. That is freakin hilarious!!! I love my 4.10s, the pull in first is no comparison.
  7. I didn't say the forum is BS, just most of the posts. The truth is what it is. Sorry if you felt I insulted you. I never meant to personally attack you or anyone - just stating the obvious.
  8. clarified and understood :nice:
  9. Everything else you said was correct except this. Most people run 3.73's when blown b/c they run out of mph at the track if they went to 4.10's which would put them in 5th through the traps. And what most people are you speaking of???? A majority of the guys running blowers on the boards still have a stock set-up (at least in terms of heads/cam), and any good tuner would advise against them running the car to 6500rpms just cause it gets more power up there (and its also depends on the set-up b/c this is not always the case). With most of the fuel systems given in the s/c packages, most of them wouldnt be able to supply enough fuel up there anyways (which means you have to cut the timing, etc to safeguard the motor thus producing less power even though their maybe more boost), which is another major reason why that's not a common practice, not to mention the other 187641263491324 reasons like valve float, extra strain on the already fragile rods, etc....

    I've had both 3.90's and currently have 3.73's. Even jumping down from 3.90's seemed like a decent hit in acceleration, but it's still plenty fun. If you arent every planning on going to the track, but still want good peppiness, then I'd say consider the 3.90's as well. It's a good middle ground between the two crowds, plus it's another way to stand out from the crowd.
  10. :bs: How did you come to this conclusion?