EVERYBODY please post your pics...

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  1. looks like i am in the same boat as you......except i know what color mine is gonna be - sonic blue with a healthy dose of pearl to make ghost racing stripes

  2. 66 Blake, thats a hot paint job. Got a webpage with more pictures of it?
  3. Hehe, sweet.
  4. Classic simplicity, Wimbledon White

    <img src="http://zot-art.com/stang%20page/done/done02.JPG">
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  6. ALL YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! :hail2: I DIDNT EXPECT TO COME HOME AND SEE SO MANY POSTS! THANKS!!! keep them comming if there are more :nice:
  7. Candy Apple Red.


  8. Late-model "Performance White". Brighter than Wimbledon, plus, if you use a newer color, you can get touch-up paint most anywhere...


    Here's a shot with a couple of Wimbledon friends, for comparison:
  9. Ivy green here. I like it as it looks really good shined up and you don't see many mustang this color.

    Sorry for the jumbo pic.

  10. E2atSunset_11-20-03_034b.jpg

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  12. See bottom of sig line. The 67 fastback is a house of kolors paint. Candy apple red. The 68 fastback is a Ford color (1996, I think). Blueberry with a little pearl added.
  13. 03SHKR - those are two AWESOME fastbacks!!!

    Is it kosher to ask what you have into them ($$$)?
  14. Has anyone had a 2 tone stang or seen one that they could show me or explain to me?
  15. Picture

    Acapulco Blue (I'm now the PO)

    2004 C4 Bright Red, used on F-150 Pickup Trucks - very nice dark red color, looks good with chrome.
    More of the same...

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