EVERYBODY please post your pics...

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  1. I thought the whole point of this thread was for people to specify their paint color along with the pics, not to just post pics, which we have done dozens of times? :shrug: Seems like we got way more pics than color names going on here?
  2. green.

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  3. Colors

    Oops, my bad!

    Well, in that case.................

    Indian Fire

    is there really any other choice? :banana:
  4. waiting to get my car back soon so no pics yet but, I choose late model Stang True Blue :)
    here's a photoshop, but it's actually quite a bit darker. I saw it almost done recently, and all I can say is damn :D !
    old stangs just look sweet to me dark blue, may go w/ dark silver stripes not the white as seen above :shrug:
  5. Uh, bright gold metalic

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  6. black always looks good too -

    oops wrong pic :(
  7. haha, that is hilarious....makes me consider black again

  8. Must have been rough since her pants were still on. :rolleyes:
  9. Mine is the same color as Cloney's: Ford Performance white. In the pic the car is a little dirty too. It is REALLY bright![​IMG]
  10. OK:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    miniskirt -
    do I have to spell the rest out :D
  11. ok, mines Carribian Mist by BASF.