!!!!!EVERYONE LOOK HERE!!!!! Regarding Summit!!!

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  1. Well you know how everyone or some people got like that 50 dollars of thing! Well I was like I spend alot of money on summit how come I didnt get one??!! Well I was gonna order some injectors so I called them up and asked why I didnt get that offer. Needless to say he said he could do it manually for me!!!!!

    So just letting everyone know to call and ask for the discount!!! Its 50 bucks off!!!!!
  2. hmmm thats good to know considering i just spent around $3000 with them in less than a week about 6 months ago... thanks man!
  3. Damn, I should have asked Jegs for the same deal since I had gift cards to Jegs from Christmas. I told everyone to get Summit gift cards, cause I actually got that $50 coupon from them... They are all already spent though.
  4. Dammit.. I totally forgot about that when I ordered my gauge!!!! damn damn damn
  5. I wonder if I can call and ask for a back-discount??????? it's worth a shot
  6. how much you gotta spend to get the 50 off...
  7. Dont know. And turboGT. 50 bucks is 50 bucks lol
  8. Yeah.. I coincidentally found my innovate wideband there and it was the same price as factory direct so I just ordered it from summit.. I totally forgot about the $50 thing when I ordered it.. That $50 can pay for the paint on my 2001 center dash :)
  9. The offer is good until Feb 5th so there's still time.

    Mines sitting right here on my comptuer stand.

    *pats $50 off coupon from summit and laughs at inphiniti *
  10. why you little... *starts to tear up*
  11. FIFTY OFF HOW MUCH!!???!!!

  12. any purchase over $200
  13. NICE!
  14. can someone scan the coupon for me? i would like to see this thing. i didnt get one either. ( ready to spend about $600 with them too, more if i can get the additional $50 off :D
  15. 014-2.jpg

    If you want to see the source code # that will cost you :D

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