Everyone Loves Leather

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  1. Leather Interiors for 2005-2007 Mustang GT Coupes and Convertibles are available for the low price of $349.99 for the complete set. A set includes all covers for the front and rear seats. Don't miss this great deal. Visit Newtakeoff.com or call 888.240.0025 to get your today.
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    Don't forget that when it is time to trade up to your next stang it is worth more with leather.

    These are not to be used if your Mustang is equiped with side air bags.
  2. We still have them in stock, don't wait till it is to late!
  3. Upgrade your interior today with leather. You can still get the complete set for $349.99.
  4. Happen to have any leather for 94-04 Mustangs at that price? :)
  5. +1
  6. 85-04 :p
  7. Sorry, we only have from '05-'08
  8. you happen to have a torch red rocker cover
  9. Punisher Racing,

    I have sent you a PM