EVERYONE...Post 1 or 2 of your FAVORITE PICS of your Car!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94GTLaserRC, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Here are the two favorite pics I have of my car. Hopefully some new improved ones will be coming soon...


  2. Damn you guys, those two pictures look like something microsoft would offer as a background for your computer screen! MAN!

  3. Here is mine ...


  4. That car just looks tight... real smooth, clean, and perfect...

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  5. I would weld the tips to contour with the rear bumper
  6. Last302:
    Welcome to the boards..Nice car but one ?

    Why is your name "Last302" but you have a 5.4 badge on the side?

  7. Its a 95 with a 331. :D
  8. Here's two older ones...both favorites of mine. Car's still in the body shop getting a total re-paint, and wheels are now Chrome Bullitts...


  9. This pist me off , everybody have better wheels than me :( , I'm poor guy

  10. :drool:
  11. I have ponies :shrug:

    95 percent go and 5 percent show :D
    one more :p
  12. I too have been thinking about what emblem im going to put on... I was thinking maybe of the "331 high performance" or maybe the 5.4 like you have. I might even get a the pony emblem like on the v6... :shrug:
  13. Here's mine:

  14. moneypit... I wouldn't do the pony symbol if I were you... too many people out there would see it, and just dismiss it... unless you want a "sleeper" w/ really loud exhaust :D

    -I would go for the 5.4 personally, I have never seen one in real life, so I guess they are pretty rare... then again, the 331 is nice too... but please stay away from the "weak" badging :D

  15. Where the heck you guys chromed stock wheels ???

    I wanna do it too
  16. here is my pos.


  17. my wheels were exactly the same. the came stock chrome. sold them for $400 tho. really nice stock wheels. wingless is teh win btw
  18. :nice: Really nice rides on here!
  19. ya very nice rides on here