Everyone that is looking for GT40P headers

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  1. I have been searching for GT40P headers for my 68 cougar. I know there has been a bunch of discussion here on the subject but I wanted to add some info. DJCarbine posted a link to melvinsclassicford and they say they carry a header that fits GT40P heads for $280. I contacted them to see who made the header. They told me it was the sanderson FF3 GTS header and even sent me the picture from the sanderson website. So I go to the sanderson website and that header is listed for GT40 heads (not GT40P), so I have a call into sanderson to confirm that they won't fit the GT40P head.

    I will report back here what I find. Basically, my 68 cougar needs a new engine and I would really like to pick up a 01 explorer motor ($700), sell the intake ($150-200) and slap on some headers ($280???). I have already sold an old running 85 roller 302/C4 combo for $400 and an old 68 302 long block for $200. I have a good RPM intake and holley 600 to go on top, so I could be into a low milage roller cam engine for $200! If I can't find headers to fit then I'm just going to go w/ K code manifolds for $250. If I end up going that way, I will post pics of how it turns out.

  2. Hi Austin I have also thought about the k code manifolds but can't find anyone near me with a set I can try please let me know how they fit 667456 thanks (that a million thanks after taxes) Dan/noblesteed
  3. I am running the GT40P's on the 302 in my 68 stang. I got MAC long tube headers that fit that particular head, if you haven't looked it may be an alternative for a header. my .03
  4. Adding this thread to my favorites. :nice:
  5. 68-stanger,

    Do you know the part number of the headers?

  6. not off the top of my head, when i get home, I'll look it up for ya.
  7. I looked through my pile of receipts but can't find a number for ya, I did email MAC's tech help asking but haven't heard back yet.
  8. Ok, I heard back from sanderson. Here is the email reply:

    Yes they fit the "P" heads also.


    I'm looking at your FF3 GTS headers. It states that they are for GT40
    > heads but will fit other heads as well. Do you mean they will fit GT40P
    > heads? The reason I ask is that GT40 heads have the same structure as all
    > ford small block heads and don't require special headers, but GT40P heads
    > have a special spark plug angle that do require a special header.
    > So, I'm asking, will these headers fit GT40P heads?

    So looks like these will work. If I remember correctly, they are only about $280 for the pair.

    I still haven't decided what I'm going to do. I might still go w/ k code manifolds for the stock look and ease of maintenance.

  9. ok got a response, MAC has
    1 5/8" Chrome Long Tube Header
    Part Number: TF6466
    Price: 249.50

    1 5/8" Ceramac Coated Long Tube Header
    Part Number: TF6470
    Price: 359.50

    1 5/8" Uncoated Long Tube Headers
    Part Number: TF7466
    Price: 219.50

    this is what I am told will fit the 68 mustang with the P heads
  10. Wow, Everyone moans about getting headers for P heads, but it looks like it is cheap and easy.

    So we have:

    1. The expensive ones from FPA (very nice and worth the price, but out of my range)
    2. MAC $219
    3. Sanderson $280
    4. K-code manifolds $260 (but look stock)

    Now, here is what i'm most likely going to do. I have found some manifolds from a 351W that look just like K-code manifolds for cheap. Since I'm keeping the stock cam in the 2001 explorer motor that I am picking up, I don't think I am going to "need" headers. For $30, I just can't beat these mid 70 exhaust manifolds. I will post pictures of how they turn out.

  11. Hi dablack I can't wait to see how the manifolds fit..if your explorer engine comes with the stock explorer manifolds check out how restricitve they are super tiny exhaust passage in manifold.the 70s manifolds would be a big improvement there.headers more so but I'm with you do we really need headers?? thanks man
  12. The cheap and easy HP on a small ford is a high rise 4 barrel intake manifold and a set of headers.

    If you went to the trouble of getting GT40 heads (P or otherwise) and are going to use the flow restricted cast manifolds (all of them are if they fit in in a Mustang chassis, even the HiPos although they are better) you have left at least 30hp/30fps on the table. The cart before the horse.

    This is just my opinion, but they dyno don't lie. Notice nobody does dyno tests over 300HP with manifolds?
  13. Craig,

    You are correct. HP and Torque are being left on the table. For what reason? Money!

    I had a worn out 68 302 that I picked up in trade. I had a worn out 85 302 that I've had in the car forever.

    I sold the worn out 68 302 for $200
    I sold the worn out 85 302/C4 for $400

    I will sell my old shorty headers for $50

    I can pick up a 01 explorer motor for less than $800 with 60k miles on it.
    Sell the intake (upper and lower) for about $200.
    I can pick up some mid 70s manifolds for $25.

    That puts me money ahead on the motor swap.

    This is in a daily driver 68 cougar w/ a T5. At what RPM do the headers really get that 30hp and 30 ft-lbs of torque? 4000 to 6000rpm. Now, to take advantage of that RPM, I should really put in a better cam too and better springs, oops, now I need head gaskets too, since I pulled the heads to do the springs. Since I have an open 8" w/ 3.0 gears, I really need some sort of limited slip dif......

    I'm not going to race the car. I have a 71 short bed truck w/ a built 460 and wide ratio C6 if i want to go fast. I need to save money to paint the car and the 71 SWB in the near future.

    In my aplication, headers just don't warent the expense. Especially when to do it right would also require a cam/spring swap.

    Plus, I like the stock look.

  14. I disagree.

    My brother had a car with 2.80 rear gears and a three speed that would flat destroy the tires off idle if you punched it while rolling in gear. His secret? Tri-y headers and the same intake my dad used on his sand drag jeep.

    His car would float the valves at around 5K and was dead over 4K thanks to the rebuilder special cam. It wouldn't beat a stock honda civic with the log manifolds and the 2 barrel intake.

    If you need to do an engine and are pinching pennies, I got ya. Just expect it to run worse than what you currently have after you saddle the engine with manifolds. If I were you, I'd get a set of stock E7 casting heads and keep headers you already have. You'll make more power - and maybe come up a couple of bucks for your trouble.