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  1. 17x9 Polished Cobra R's - 275's rear - 245's up front
  2. 17 x9 chromed cobra r's all around with 275's in back and 255's in front.

  3. Does anyone have Mach I's...thats what I like? They are modeled after the old Magnum 500s...what about those? Any Mags? Those would look sweet.
  4. wheels

    these used to be on my 95 GTS, there now on the wifes 01 but you get the idea...

    Enkie Phalnax 17x8
  5. here

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  6. AFS Mach 1 wheels 17x9's with 245/45/17's
    Cheap but different...

  7. Thanks Adrenalin!!!!!!

    Sorry Killercanary I have tryed to post pictures that way B-4 and had no luck so I gave up on it!!!!

  8. Here are mine..

    99 17x8 FMS cobra Rims...tires.. Khumo Ecsta 712 255/40/17


    and the other side

  9. what happened to yours wheels!? photoshopped.....
  10. [​IMG]


    Authentic Saleen Wheels off a S-281.
    245/35/18 in front
    275/35/18 in back
    Pirelli all the way around

    please excuse the cardomain thing. im sure you can photoshopp that out if you want to. or i can just host them on a different site if you want me too....
  11. Husker, I LOVE your car!
  12. Same here, The all white looks sweet.

    I know noone likes the intrax springs, or the ride quality. But those springs would look sweet with that setup.
  13. wow guys, thanks alot. compliments in general are always great but coming from you killer that means alot. Numbles, i have always loved the black cobras (i know its not real, lol, either is mine) I have always been looking for a set of springs to lower it and was gonna go with the eibach 1.5 all the way around...sound good? What are the intrax springs all about? Was thinking about selling the car....not anymore. All these cars look great :nice: :nice: :flag: :banana: :spot:
  14. what's wrong with intrax springs? mine came with them (uninstalled) and i just had them installed! :mad: :bang:
  15. Rel - I like that hood! What is it? Got any more pics of it?
  16. These aren't really aftermarket, but they're not stock (at least on a GTS).

    1994/95 Cobra 17 x 8" w/245/40/ZR17 Nittos 1" H&R wheels spacers on rear


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  17. is that a saleen hood?
  18. I was talking about the intrax 2"+ drop. The ones that slam your car beond belief. I dont know why they look so badass, but Im so afraid of the tabletop speedbumps in my ally. Otherwise I would have lowered my car by now.
  19. eagle chrome cobra r's 17 x 9 with 315 nittos.