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  1. :jaw: :nice:

    I think I have viseo of your car on the track, did you still using N2O
  2. what do you mean?

    I don't have these wheels anymore i have the 03's with the wide 10.5's in the back. no need to post them because everyone else has them. :notnice:

    That picture hasn't been doctored at all though?
  3. Im sorry. i just glanced at the wheels real quick and with the shadow coming off the wheels it looks like they were bent or something. but upon closer inspection its just a shadow like i said. But either way, your car looks very nice.
  4. Really?! :D From which track, can you email it to me or PM me a link?
    I added an S-Trim over the winter and still have the n2o installed just not tuned to the set up yet. :nice:
  5. I have your video on CD , I will try to find
  6. 18" Polished 2003 cobras

    18" 2003 Polished. not lowered.245/40/18 front, 275/40/18 rear

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. hey vib the avatar I use has my holeshot rims on them I dunno if I have another pic.
  8. 17X9 ROH Snypers w/ 1" spacer in back

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  9. Weld Prostars

    15x5.5 up front and 15x8 in rear
  10. OOPS!! Guess I missed this thread!

    2001 OEM Polished Aluminum 17x8 Cobra Wheels
  11. my 4x4 with chrome saleen replicas 18x9 and 18x10 with 265/35s and 295/35s[​IMG]
  12. my friend david's car.. 19" racing heart m5s 19x9f 19x10.5r with 275/35r and 255/35f
  13. I like that green!! :nice:

  14. I know you said that car was your's before, not your buddies. You posted pics of it for a LONG time now. Heck, I even remember you getting upset that some website used the pic of that car without your permission... what gives?
  15. :nice: I love those wheels though, whose ever car it is!

    ("pitbull") Paul, you have a great memory man. :p
  16. JR, that car is SWEET and I too love those wheels... I think that is why I remembered it so well. I had a minute to kill, so I did a quick search and here's the thread where I he came clean on who's car it really was. Sorry oosmytoo, but people don't like to be misled. YOUR car looks good too though.
  17. On post 9 he admits that it is not his car. I can see what you are getting at though, the BS should not have happened in the first place. You are a "Pitbull" Killer. :nice:
    It's also a yellow vert so I can see how you couln't have forgotton that. If I where here on the boards then, I knew I def would have not forgotton it either.
  18. I actually forgot I called him out on this before until I did the search and found the above thread. I didn't bring it back up to rebash him... its just those memories came back to me of loving that car and then finding out it wasn't actually his which wasn't cool... sorry to bring up an old topic but it still burns me a bit... Its just things like that are why no ones believes anything they see or read on the net which upsets me. We're all here for the same reason, there should be no reason to lie or mislead people. /gets of my soapbox/

    JR- I have "selective" memory... car stuff I can remember like my name, taking the garbage out, or doing other things on my "to do list" is a different story as my wife can attest to!
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    We are too much alike!