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  1. i totally agree with everything you said, thats why i came clean, but my reason for saying it was mine before, was because he didnt have internet access at the time so i just posted some pics, saying it was mine. but now he is a stangnet member his SN "the_david". if you want any info on the car just ask me, or you can ask the owner himself? sorry if i misled you guys!
  2. Its all good!
  3. Well theyre not exactly aftermarket, but they didnt come on the car :nice: .

    Real 2003 Cobra wheels with 275/40-ZR17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-730s.



  4. Well i figure for my first post i will preform a miracle and raise this thread from the dead....
    I just got some mach 1 wheels and wanted to show off a lil and say hi!
  5. WELCOME PrdyPony!

    I forgot...I needed to put these wheels in here!


    American Racing - Rebels
    17x9 all around..Chrome


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  6. Nice 94GTLaserRC,
    BTW what size are those rims and how much you paid for them
    Wanna salr tri bars cheap :D
  7. I AM selling the Tris...got a local dude interested.

    PM Joe (VibrantRedGT) for EXACT price....it's around $900 for the 4 shipped, and an extra $40 for the lifetime warranty chrome lugs, wheel locks, and valve stems.

  8. Polished 18x9 2000 cobra r's with 245-40's

  9. 17x9 Polished Cobra R replicas (Eagle 168's) with 275/40/ZR17 Kumhos
  10. Mille Miglia MM11-2's

    Mille Miglia MM11-2's 18x9
    Kumho Ecsta Supremes 265-35-18's up front
    Kumho Ecsta Supremes 275-35-18's out back

  11. I bow down to you sir. This how the SN95 should look. I plan to have somewhat the look you have minus the SVO badging, side exhaust, same wheels but powder coat them a light black. Very nice indeed, one of the best SN95's I have seen.
  12. well I saw there was the other guy that has the 17x9 and 17x11 TTII's combo who already posted, but here are my pics.




    I need to lower it alittle, and go someplace to get some good solo shots.
  13. [​IMG]

    ROH Snyper
    Front 17x8 wrapped in 245/45/17
    Rear 17x9 wrapped in 275/40/17
  14. Yeah that was me... that stupid ricer site used the pic of my genuine saleen front facia to sell their replica... Good memory! Here's another angle of those wheels:

  15. I LOVE your car... now that I know its yours! :)

    I like what is in your sig too!!! T64e :drool:
  16. Hey thanks! Yeah the turbo is quite fun ;)
    I'm very impressed by your times, especially due to the weight of our cars, wow.. I'd like to see what I can run, but unfortuneately I haven't been able to run her since she was stock! :nonono: I've got the power set just under the block limit (~450whp) to be safe.. I've busted one already..
  17. Well I can kill for body kit,rims (exterior) and hair dryer like the_david have on his Stang :D
    Bad a$$ loking Stang man :nice:
  18. Thanks bro, it didn't happen over night, let me say that much...
  19. yeah man, that's a looker. Congrats on having one of the nicer one's I've seen in 10 years