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  1. hmmm ok guess i am a little rusty :nonono: ...who wants an assist???
  2. heyyyy thanks bud....oh and also im running 255/45/17 Sumitomo's all the way around in that pic. Currently have 275/40/17 BFG Drag Radials Mounted on the rear.
  3. I would post a pic or two of my setup but 17x9 Silver 95 R's have been posted a couple times already in this thread, so there's no need to be repetitive.
  4. Hey 95riosnake, how did you do the pic in your avatar?
  5. Hmm how'd I glance over this one. Here's some un-bling.
  6. Got a side pic of my car, opened it up in photoshop, and went to town lol. It involved a bunch of selective stretching/shrinking....I think it looks pretty cool, I was goin for a toy car/RC car look.
  7. [​IMG]

    18 x 9 Steeda Ultralites with 265/35/18s on all corners.
  8. [​IMG]

    Moda r6 i believe 18"x9"
  9. [foxbody hijack]
    [/foxbody hijack]
  10. Looks like you live in Europe because of your rims :D
    Do you have Brock B4 18x8.5/10 rims right
    I'm born in Bosnia Europe , whats up man :banana:
  11. does it count if there not on the car yet :banana: :banana:

    PS: sirsureshot39 do you have any stright on shots of the front of your car?

  12. Sure do..All ya had to was ask.
  13. what do you think [​IMG]

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  14. Bumpage! I need to know what a 15x10 with a 325/50/15 will look like under a sn.
  15. holy thread resurrection batman!!!

    you'll probably have more luck with something like in the drag race section. you will probably have fitment issues with that big of meat in the back.
  16. Front: Konig Lace
    Bolt Pattern:5X114.3
    Finish:Gloss Black W/ Mirror Machine Face
    Offset: 35
    Tire: P245/40R18 Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 93Y
    Rear: Konig Lace wheel
    Bolt Pattern:5x114.3
    Finish:Gloss Black W/ Mirror Machine Face
    Tire:p295/35R18 Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 99Y