Everyone's got 'em! Post up your altered Mustang pics!

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  1. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    i'm glad he didn't aim at me...
    or the ladies ;)
  2. pongebobbigcopy4yb.jpg

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  3. Saleen 1st......chrome fr's 2nd. They dont have those in deep dish do they?

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  4. V6 Circle track headers baby!:
  5. Just did this a little while ago, my first time using Photoshop. What do you guys think? Helluva lot better looking than waffles...


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  6. :jaw: wow how do you do the clear hood thing!!!!! I would love to know how to do that.:jaw:
  7. +1
  8. x ray tool... duh:rolleyes:

    you take a pic with the hood closed and one with it open from the same place then superimpose one on the other:shrug:
  9. cut chuck out, then put a twanger on him and put him behind the girl bending over in the thong.
  10. Damn Will, very impressive being that it's your first time using photoshop.

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  11. That blue is sweeeeeeet. What blue is it? Is it the sonic blue?
  12. Courtesy of uneverkno.:nice:


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  13. Here is my car with Chrome Y2K's, also lowered with a 96-98 cobra rear bumper, and my idea for a body color-matched bullitt fuel door.


    Two of those are somewhat true since I did the pic, I have the Y2k's but they are silver, and it is lowered now too.
  14. Thanks, I had to have my little sis remind me how to get the wheel into freeform or whatever. I think it turned out pretty good myself! It was kinda fun really, I wish I would have gotten into graphic design or somethin when I was in school :OT:

  15. Do you not have paint? I don't have PS either .... but I put Dick Cheney & the looter in there with paint ......
  16. You should have saved mine. :shrug:
  17. I know but I had too many PMs and when I went to delete some, I erased yours by mistake. Let me make it up by stating that "HENCE'S CHOP OF MY CAR WAS BETTER THAN THE ONE I POSTED!!" No pun intended uneverkno, but it was.