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  1. In about 2 weeks I'm going to do my headswap but I want to know exactly what I need, and I mean everything because I want to knock it out in a day or two without having to go out to buy new parts. Here is what I have so far: PI heads, PI cams, PI intake, and I just ordered a head changing kit from steeda. I also need valve covers which im going to buy. Does anyone know what exactly the head changing kit comes with?? it says everything you need but it didnt seem like it came with that much. I remember people had websites with a list of everything needed but couldnt find it. Thanks for the help
  2. Anyone??
  3. Here ya go..this is my list for using 99-00 heads. Best of luck to you.

    Okay, to start off, you are going to need the new heads and cams. The cams will have sprockets already on them, but you will need to be sure that all of the holes on the new heads are plugged. Be sure to look underneath the head! there was one on the drivers side rear underneath that I missed and I had the massive oil leak.
    Anyway, past that..

    You will need a full head cahnging kit. This should include(headbolts, headgaskets, little rubber deals for the headbolts that can't be pulled out of the heads, exhaust manifold gaskets, I think that is about it).

    NExt are next intake manifold gaskets, they are identical, need two.

    New intake. I suggest a '02+ with the aluminum crossover. You will need to have it drilled and tapped for a 3/8" drive. I suggest taking your old manifold as well as the sensor and the new intake and have someone do it. They did a great job on mine for $20.

    Next is the new heater hose tube. This is for the 99+. It runs along the side of the block instead of the valley like the tube you have now. This will require a new plug for the water pump. The nipple on the pump now is for a hose/clamp, the new tube requires a slip over/o-ring fit. You will need to get a new nipple as well as a new o-ring for the water pump when you take it off. To get the nipple out, hit it hard with a hammer to force it out the front of the engine. Get it loose and if you haven't curled the end too much just slide it out. If not, cut the bent end and it should come out.
    You will also need a new rubber tube that goes from the back of the heater tube to the heater core by the firewall.

    You will need 3 10mm bolts about an inch long to secure the heater tube and EGR bracket to the back of the head on the drivers side.

    Your new heads have a larger bore bolt that holds the timing cover on. Those are 10mm bolt threads. There are 8 in all, 6 studs and 2 bolts I think.

    I suggest new spark plugs and wires.

    You will need a new oil dipstick tube. This tube is a big pain to get in, but with patience it will go on. Get some people to help you. You will have to hold the drivers side head above the block and slower guide the tube into the block and then lower the head onto the block. Fun.

    New belt maybe, I need one because I didn't get it lined up right.

    Oil. About 6 quarts.

    Coolant. About 12-16 quarts.

    New Valve covers witha 13/14 bolt pattern. These are for 99-00's. Your Ford dealer should have them. Be sure to get gaskets with them too. Your ford dealer should sell them that way.

    I didn't use the new alternator bracket that a few parts lists recommended, didn't fit.

    Oh yeah, I got an oil dipstick tube in my headchange kit.I think that is good for now..let me know if you have any questions.

    XR3Z-18B402-AA Hose-Assembly ($24.52)
    F6ZZ-18472-AE Hose-Hot Water ($13.28)
    YL3Z-9439-BC Intake Manifold Gaskets (2) ($11.38ea.)
    F75Z-8555-AA Tube - for the water pump ($8.58)
    N808140-S309 Studs for the front timing cover (6) ($5.50ea.)
    N808140-S437 Bolts for the front timing cover (2) ($6.20ea.)
    2L3Z6582BA Valve cover ($73.31 for one side.) (I don't have the other side pt. number. You need 13/14 bolts pattern covers off a '99-'00.)
    '02+ Intake Manifold - These run about $120 on eBay. Get a good one. (Have the second temp sensor drilled and tapped for about $20. It is easy machining.)
    Oil (6 quarts)
    Oil Filter
    Coolant (Capactity is 16 quarts, mine holds about 14 I think)
    Acetone to clean mating surfaces.
    High-Temperature gasket maker
  4. TheSalad, thanks for taking the time to write that out. thats exactly what I wanted!! Nitro, i tried the link 2 times but it didnt work :shrug: Thanks again to both of you. If anyone else knows about any other parts please let me know but Salad your list looks pretty good. I already have the complete intake manifold which i got off ebay and it came with a bunch of parts including a new belt.
  5. try it one more time, it just worked for me. my stupid isp is crap and sometimes just cuts out, temporarily.