Excellent photochop pics notchback and fastback

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  1. IMO that the notch is horrible. Does'nt flow like an old coupe. On the other hand the fastback I like better than the 05. The 05 resembles a 65-66 fastback. Photochop resembles a 67-70 fastback. I've always been partial to those.:D
  2. imo:
    the notch doesn't look good at all, maybe if it was chopped differenty. As the pic is: :notnice:

    full fastback looks pretty good, but lose the spoiler. :shrug:
  3. :stupid: the notch just isnt rite. It dosent look as beefy as the old coupes, or as mean as the fox body notches. The fastback is nice though
  4. The notch looks like a 2 door lincoln town car, and the fastback is severely out of proprtion. I think they both look pretty ugly, but you know to each his own and all that. Maybe I'll knock up my own "full fastback" sometime.
  5. With some editing on the proportions i think the notch might have potential. The fastback looked pretty good, but I'm not sure if I like it better than the 05 itself.
  6. They both look like Mazda 3's....the Fastback (green) was the better of the two....but they need some work.
  7. Reminds me of a Fairmont.
  8. :nonono: :bs:
    thing that make you go
  9. [​IMG]
    well i wonder if any of you guys even bothered to look at the very last pic of the notchback on the last page, the one that was edited with the 'hip' and resembles the 65-70 mustang more closely. i actually think this one isnt all that bad looking and would (if i could afford it) purchase one if ford decided to produce this version. I think it would be an 'option' for extra customization in an era of less options and more after market mods than anything else. It really brings back the 'retro' feeling, (i know i dont have experience in the 60-70 era) but i have been around them and my dad grew up then and i am sure he would appreciate this attempt at a coupe/notchback. just my .03 cents.
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