Excessive Cranking??


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Sep 24, 2009
First off, this is the vehicle:

1995 Mustang
Long tubes
Kirban AFPR
Walboro 255

I've had this problem that has been slowly getting worse. If the car sits overnight it usually takes around a 5 minutes of cranking to get it going, and after the initial start-up it will fire right up with no hesitation.

Last week I replaced the fuel pump, filter, plugs, wires, fpr. Still the problem exists.

As of this morning it is still cranking but not starting, so far I have tested the tfi, ignition switch, replaced the coil. I took off the coil wore from the dizzy and placed it next to the block and got nothing. So that's telling me i'm not getting spark, so what powers the coil and tfi?

Could a bad pip be the culprit?
The only thing that deters me from that conclusion is that when the car is hot the problem ceases to exist.

When it cranks for a while I will get a strong fuel smell, so I know that my problem isn't fuel related. I'm getting power to the injectors, I used a voltmeter to the red wire and it has power. I also used a set of cables to ground the car to make sure it wasn't my grounds that were bad. They're not.

I'm trying to get home (4 hours away) for Thanksgiving and its not looking good. So anyone out there have any ideas or something that I'm overlooking??
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Jun 14, 2004
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Spark, fuel and compression. One of these things is missing. You know you are getting fuel, and if it starts right up when it's hot then you probably have good compression. It's got to be something with the spark.



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Sep 24, 2009
Well, I found a burnt fuse, but that after it was replaced that same condition exists. I wound up replacing the distributor because I felt that the pip was the culprit. But to no avail, the problem still exists, only now the car wont start at all, I have gone through the no start check list, I have fuel, I have spark (verified by pulling plug wire and seeing spark from wire to plug), and compression is good when the car is hot.

So car is now dead in the water, I was able to get it started briefly yesterday and drove to to my gf's house, when I was arriving it died three times in the driveway, and acted as if it was cutting off fuel. So it sits there waiting.

Three50won- The only codes i pulled was an egr code and a maf over .5 volts last 80 warm-up cycles


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Jul 19, 2007
Vernon BC
You noted that you replaced the fuel pump, filter and regulator. A couple of things to consider. Have you actually tested the fuel pressure? New isn't always good. And, is the filter installed in the correct flow direction?


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Sep 24, 2009
Well I just replaced the distributor because I was getting a weak spark, I grabbed a dizzy from the local O'reillys and popped that bad boy in. Now I have spark, I have plenty of fuel pressure and still have a no start condition.

I looked over the crank, no start checklist and my tps voltage is good, 12 volts at injector harness and at ign coil. Checked all fuses and they are good.

When trying to start it will make a pop like a muffled backfire from time to time and that is all that I'm getting.

This problem has offical drove me up the wall, :mad: any other possible things I could be overlooking?


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Jul 19, 2007
Vernon BC
Initially it eventually started up and ran well. Now it won't catch at all. Is that correct? While there is visible spark between the wire and the plug I wouldn't rule out the coil. Getting a good spark in the operating environment is a different matter. I personally would swap it out just to see if that is the problem source.


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Sep 24, 2009
Problem wound up being the dizzy, got a new one and stabbed it and she fired right up! Thanks for the input guys.
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