excessive drivshaft play?


Sep 6, 2008
is there suppose to be play when the car is in gear or neutral?TKO600 is whats in there with a Detroit locker.I can go under there and grab d/s and turn it about an 1/8th turn maybe a little less.My issue here is it makes some noise(bang or clunk) if I don't shift smooth enough. is it a transmission issue?
it seems what ever it may be is something I cannot fix and maybe be internal tranny/diff

anyones 0.02 greatly appreciated
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Nov 29, 1999
1/8th of a turn seems pretty excessive, but it's been a while since I've crawled under the car and played with my transmission. There would typically be a little play that the car would rock, given the tolerances within the gearset. A bang or clunk when loading/unloading drivetrain components generally points to your engine and transmission mounts being bad. That, or if you've done any recent exhaust work, often times the H-pipe will bang against the K-member, or trans crossmember if they're pretty close.


Sep 6, 2008
its a clunk when crusing while slow shifting.like the little that its able to turn goes back when i shift then when i put load back on it with gas pedal it clunks.hard as hell to explain.people keep telling me its the locker.Also when I did the TKO swap I have never tacked the parts on the x member that area able to slide(adjusters) it may not be and 1/8 turn but its enoguh that it concerns me.its done this since I bought tranny,and it did the same thing with the tko while I had my old diff setup.its so hard to explain somone needs to ride with me.

hah noticed you in chicagoland where you at man exactly?i need to look at another stang


Aug 15, 2004
Huntingdon Valley, PA
I installed my TKO 600 a little over 2 years ago. Along with the TKO I install a new Ford aluminum drive shaft with the 31 spine yoke, Ford Racing 31 spine carrier and axles. I noticed the clunk right away and lifted the car up and found free play in all gears. I spoke to Tremec and they sent me to one of their local reps. I went to Swarr Auto in Collegeville, PA.

They road tested the car and out it up on the lift and determined it was the differential. I believe the TKO has too much free play also. More than my t5 had. I called Jegs about the 31 spine carrier and they said to contact Ford racing. Ford Racing said there's no warrantee on racing parts.

I took the carrier out and bought a shim packs and differential clutch rebuild kit. The clutches were just fine in the carrier. I just wanted to add more to limit the free play. I also shimmed the carrier to a little smaller than the lower limit of the backslash. My entire differential was tight with very little play.

The free play isn't that bad now. I can live with it. I over compensated tighten up the differential for the excessive free play in the TKO.

I don't know if all the TKO600 transmissions has this free play, but mine came right from the box that way. Maybe you can supply the same solution.

The just replaced the shifter with a Pro 5.0. That improved the shifting. I don't have the 2nd to 3rd problem anymore.
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